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    I have just switched to BSNL. The technician from BSNL was able to connect one of my laptops via wifi. But my other laptop is unable to connect to wifi.
    I am facing the same problem with my cell phone. The other devices ( other than the primary connection) are able to detect wireless but unable to connect.
    What is the problem i dont understand...

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    please indicate the OS on the said laptop that could not be connected. also the message that flags up on trial.
    I had come across this case , using vista OS.
    and the message that came up was searched across Google and it lead to a file to be downloaded and included in the OS, after that we are able to connect.
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    Mention the wifi router model/make/number.

    The prescription in Post No 2 will help.
    PPPoE mode : ( ignore if already done )
    Ensure your Userid/PW stored/entered in WAN page "bridged" unchecked )
    system should connect automatically when switched on .

    You can add Enable UpnP box (if seen in lan page)
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