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Discussion in 'Tikona WiBro' started by meetnams, Nov 29, 2009.

  1. meetnams

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    I have MTNL Triband and planning to switch to Tikona 150 KBPS unlimited plan. I have a WiFi enabled cell, i asked their demo ppl if i could connect my cell as well. Looks like they didn't have much idea on it. They mentioned that there is a dialler software that needs to be installed to which we connect, but there is a web login as well. If there is a weblogin i would think that connecting thru mobile should be possible, but don't know for sure. I don't think they have a dialler software for cell.

    Has anyone tried connecting WiFi enabled cell with Tikona? If yes, pl let me know how.

  2. liberal

    liberal New Member

    If you don't have a problem with Triband then I suggest you stick with it and attach a wifi router to modem if required. Moreover unlimited plans from MTNL are pretty competitive today (MTNL have launched some new unlimited plans this december).

    Web based dialers many a times have issues while using multiple PCs on same connection and compatibility issue sometimes. I have had some difficult experience with web based dialer in the past when I used cable internet.

    Web based dialer for mobile :eek: (I guess you mean windows mobile), well that would most likely will not be available soon.

    I too was considering Tikona but found my existing Triband with wifi router is a better no-nonsense fit.

    Hope this helps.
  3. mayank

    mayank Guest

    even i asked the company for a mobile sofrware. they have promised me that a dialler is being produced for symbian, blackberry n windows mobile which is a good news
  4. nishant_nms

    nishant_nms New Member

    they told me in plain words 'We do not support wi-fi phones'
  5. liberal

    liberal New Member

    Clarification: I experienced Tikona in action at a friends place, he is using Windows Vista on laptop. He keeps tweaking the placement of the Ruckus Box to get a better signal, otherwise no problem with software on his PC. Plan subscribed FUL599 @ Bhandup. He was told by the sales rep that multiple PCs can be used after informing the call center so that the ID is configured for additional MAC addresses.
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  6. speedmaniac

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    I tried on my mobile... But it is not working on mobile... May be they are working on it...
  7. aasheeshl

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    Tikona does not support wi-fi phone's but there's a work around:
    Connect the router provided by tikona to you computer/laptop using the cat5 cable.
    Now, create an ad-hoc wireless connection on the pc/laptop, this will enable you to start your wi-fi phone.
    The only catch here is that your pc/laptop has to be turned on all the time.
  8. essbebe

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    1. Hope , just setting up wifi connection in laptop
    will give WIFI connectivity to Your Phone.
    I think, you have to enable WIFI mode in the modem/router ( Rufus) also.
    Please correct me.
    Tikona==>Rj45==>Laptop on Lan mode.
    ( wireless signals will be picked up by Phone ?
    or any other laptop also? )
    If you can access the modem/router settings
    of TIKONA ( Rufus Mt2211?) and make the changes suggested by you, and post it here.
    You will get 13 reputation points from me !
    IP address to access modem say 192.xx.xx.xx
    User ID
    Step by step instructions for wifi mode. etc.
    I use Airtel/BSNL BB service at 2 Mbps speed .
    Please check their FAQ page.WIFI mode available..
    Also send email to their Nodal officer.
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  9. zombie

    zombie New Member

    workaround for tikona

    for wifi phones

    connect to a hidden network : TDN-Home
    with wpa2 key as: T!o@T#w$H%t^F&i*Fi03041933

    then go to login . tikona . in

    enter usrnme n passwrd

    then start browsing

    did any1 try this???

    it works im using it on my n81
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  10. 99raka

    99raka New Member


    @ zombie

    dear i have tried it
    i have tikona connection and windows mobile Xperia X1
    please can u explain in detail
    plz help me out
  11. zombie

    zombie New Member

    you gotta start wifi n then look for networks ....if it mentions hidden networks or stuff then select will ask u a network name or SSID......u gotta enter the name 'TDN-Home' without the quotes n it is case sensitive.....then u select its encryption as wpa2........n then u enter the passkey written above
  12. chiru

    chiru New Member

    That passkey is not working anymore. It says authentication failed. Tikona suxx
  13. muthyam

    muthyam New Member

    Connecting to TIKONA WIFI through Mobile

    Workaround in connecting to TDN-Home is identifying the network. but it is saying incorrect password. can some one give details on how to connect mobile on to Tikona Wifi?
    there were two suggestions. none is having clarity
    1. Creating Wireless network after connecting through a desktop or laptop
    2. Trying to connect hidden Network called TDN-Home. but where to find the password?
  14. varma333

    varma333 Member

    search using tikonawifi in hidden network. Then network key = your password. and in advanced fill in the details user id and password. then connect. it will get connected.

    but after getting connected. the login button will not get clicked that is the problem i am facing on tikona login page :(
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  15. zombie

    zombie New Member

    new wi-fi network by tikona

    looks like tikona has changed their wi-fi network
    new datails
    network name: tikonawifi
    authentification type: WPA2 enterprise[AES](EAP_MSCHAP-v2)
    username : ur tikona username
    password: ur tikona password
    worked on my blackberry 9000
    doubt if it will work on symbian or android.... they rarely support WPA2 enterprise:mad:
    good luck people:)
  16. rayman64001

    rayman64001 New Member

    tikona net wifi hack

    guys.. to use tikona net...
    for windows...
    just go to network and sharing center in control panel...

    set up a new connection network...
    set up a wireless adhoc...
    give network name watever u like..
    security type: no authentication(open)..
    if u want u can save it .. lev other fields blank..;)
    press next..
    turn on internetsharing option below..
    and violaaa u r done.. now use tikona net as wifi.. on any mobile..;)...

    i dont know about xp..not tried yet.. but u can go to ad hoc...

    imp: u shud hav a wifi enabled laptop or pc to do it..:p..
  17. anjankobita

    anjankobita New Member

    connecting multiple system and mobile in ur tikona

    1. First bye a Netgear wireless router and connect with the lan cable .

    2. now configure ur wireless router and make it security anable.

    3. now connect ur system or mobile with the router using wifi and make it as home network from ur windows system.

    4. when u connected in ur browser address bar type this address
    it will redirect to ur login page. then u login using ur username and password.

    5. now u can connect ur wifi mobile and other pc with ur netgear wirless router and browse internet. no need to login each device.

    6. u can also login from ur wifi mobile which is connect to the netgear router. go to ur mobile web browser and go to
    aftercomming the login page u can login using ur user name and password.

    any problem
  18. hey man it is coming failed for hack tikona without wifi router

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