Connect Spectranet Cable Broadband To Wifi Router

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I have a spectranet cable broadband with just an ethernet cable directly connected to the pc, with static ip and username and password provided by spectranet, so i would like connect it to the wi fi router i got Teracom Type 2 (if its not possible with this router please let me know which router is preferable)...and access internet over other devices using wi-fi like Smartphone, laptop or other devices supported by wi please can any one help me kinda newbie with this....thanks
Thanks for the reply,

i was able to get into, but for that i had to use "Obtain IP address automatically" in IPV4, but after that i cant access internet in my home pc, so what am i doing i have a different set of IP address, and a user name and password to access internet..and simultaneously set an can you please describe it step by step...thanks



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Vivekvm, Were you able to sort it out ? I am in a similar situation. I have the linksys router instead. Is it possible to connect the ethernet cable directly to a router without a modem ?
For that you would need a router with Ewan (Ethernet wan) support. Routers from tplink and iball in the range of Rs 2000-2500 have this feature.