Configuring Belkin N150 for BSNL Broadband

Discussion in 'BSNL broadband' started by bladeofthemoon, Sep 17, 2011.

  1. bladeofthemoon

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    Hi guys i have purchased a new modem of Belkins N150 and im trying to configure it for an ADSL connection for BSNL Broadband. I have entered the VPI and VCI settings as 0/35 and encapsulation as LLC. The user name and password have been entered correctly too. But on the main home page the status shows WAN IP, DNS are showing as NULL although the up and down stream values are being shown. even though i set WAN IP as provided by ISP and specified the DNS server setting.

    This being the case, i am unable to access the internet. Please help me configure the modem.

  2. essbebe

    essbebe LEARNER

  3. bladeofthemoon

    bladeofthemoon New Member

    Yes its Belkin N150 ADSL Modem + Wifi Router.

    Any config help will be great. Thanks!!
  4. essbebe

    essbebe LEARNER

    new modem of Belkins N150

    Are you having the Installation CD ?

    Did you do manual settings ?
    Any connection status page ?

    Give part Number as given below.

    Part # F7D2301zb

    Part # F7D3302zb

    Part # F7D1401zb Rs. 4099

    Part # F7D2401zb Rs. 4999

    Part # F9K1001 etc etc
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    I made a transaction with the card no:*****
    Name of the holder:****
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    please help anyone that why this transaction is unsuccessful.
    Money left in this card:4000 INR

    Thank YOu
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  6. essbebe

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    This forum is not related to any bank or ISP.

    Delete your card details. immediately.
  7. bladeofthemoon

    bladeofthemoon New Member

    Hi, how does giving part no help?

  8. essbebe

    essbebe LEARNER


    you cannot find or don't like to give the number of the Router Belkins N150, see link in Post No 2 and give feedback
    List of Belkins routers ( one list )

    Please await response from other members/users.
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  9. pothi

    pothi Member

    Few questions to bladeofthemoon...

    Was it an old connection and did you only change the modem? Or a new broadband connection?

    Are you using static IP? If no, you should not be setting your own WAN IP.

    What DNS settings are you using?
  10. Nagarajan

    Nagarajan New Member

    Help required to connect Belkin router to my BSNL BB

    Presently I am connected to the internet using the Huawei wired modem of BSNL. I have now purchased a BELKIN router model F7D140 v1 and am facing problem connecting to the internet.

    The LAN is connected.

    Please provide me with step by step instructions.

  11. essbebe

    essbebe LEARNER

    Ensure you are connected in PPPoE mode
    ( userID/PW stored/entered in the modem's wan page)
    In Lan Page enable DHCP. say range to
    SAVE . Go To Management and SAVE REBOOT wait for 2 minutes.
    Now try the wizard settings of Belkin.

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