Configuring A Router

I have read a few threads on the forum where members have asked how to configure a router and so on, I am not someone who is good at doing all this and yet I need a router. If I get a router does that mean I need to configure it or is it something which automatically happens, as in I connect the router and it automatically detects IP address etc. If this is possible with certain types of routers please advise which ones.


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First things first, what type of internet connection do you have? If you already have an internet connection, and you have an existing modem, you can use a router to host more connections. But, if you are planning to get a new service provider (say BSNL) you need a ADSL modem (this acts as the router as well).

For the first case, you dont have to configure the router. All the configuration is done in the modem itself from the service provider.
If you need a ADSL modem+router then it requires configuration!