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Discussion in 'BSNL broadband' started by riyas786tk, Dec 2, 2011.

  1. riyas786tk

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    i had a tp link td-w8901g .. i had bsnl broadband connection.. i am able to connect wifi with laptop and can use internet.. also i am able to connect modem with my android mobile phone.. but i cannot access internet.. pleaze anyone help..
    i am attaching different pages of router configuration..
    pleaze help..

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    You could surf download etc ?
    Taskbar wifiicon shown no connection ( yellow mark)
    Did you enter your ID/PW in all PVC's ? and PVC2 is set 0 and 35 ?

    Change VPI/VCI 0 and 35 for BSNL.
    Deactivate other PVC's to avoid confusion.
    Dynamic Ip already selected.

    All other settings correct.

    Check in Status Device info. You can test/set LAN mode also in laptop.

    IN Firmware update menu SAVE/Backup working current settings as rom file.


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  5. essbebe

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    see the Device info. PVC2 might have been deactivated.
    PVC0 working for BSNL.
    In which PVC VPI/VCI is entered is immaterial, so long duplicate entries are not made.
    From working router.

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  6. riyas786tk

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    it workz..

    hey thanks everyone... it workz...
    i have activated PVC2 and set vpi and vci as 0 and 35 respectively... and in the wireless configuration page, i change the channel to 11.. it workz for me.. thnkzz....
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  7. Amrinder

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    plz help me

    hi frnds , can u plz help me i have a TP LINK modem router TD-W8901G. i have absnl wimax plan at punjab. i can use LAN with this modem but i fail to use wifi on my laptop or on my phone can u peolple send me the configure for it and also send doc commands to check the properties of wifi on my laptop

    i will be very thankfull to all of u

    with regards:
  8. essbebe

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    See attachment No 1 in Post No 1
    For all PVC's select DYNAMIC IP and activate them.
    In same Post No 1 other settings same as in the pictures.
    Wireless page set up as usual.

    IN the Router Reboot from current settings.
    IN Post NO 5 Screen shot. You may not get snr ATTN etc. NOt connected also. All PVC"s DOWN !

    Now connect the Rj45 from wimax to LAN1
    Connect another RJ45 to desktop.
    Check whether internet works ( Log in if required )
    Then check in laptop SSID appears and you connect to internet.

    3/. Feedback.
  9. kazuban

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    can any one tell, what to do in country's name.
    bcoz india isn't there in the list of country's.??
    and what is the present vci and vpi no. for bsnl.

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