configure BSNL AR800V v3.0 ADSL Modem

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    BSNL Broadband
    1. Connect LAN cable/Network Cable from the Modem to the LAN port (Network Port) of your computer. Usually BSNL will give you the Network cable.
    2. In Windows, Open Internet Explorer. Then Type in the address bar (Please check the below said image). The screen will looks like the one provided below.

    BSNL Modem Login Page
    3. Enter the user name and password, the default user name and password is provided below:
    Username: admin
    Password: admin
    4. Now on the page, Go to Configuration then click on Internet settings. Then click on Edit

    Configuration and Internet settings page
    5. Click on the Edit icon (Please check the above provided image). The below said image will appear.

    Internet Connection Configuration
    6. Do not change anything, Click Next

    Internet Connection Configuration
    7. Click Next, Ensure that “Obtain an IP Address Automatically” is selected (Please check the below image)

    Internet Connection configuration
    8. Click Next, now the page will look the one provided below:

    Internet Connection Configuration
    In the above said page, please enter the details:
    Service name: Dataone
    Broadband User name: This user name will be provided by BSNL, please enter it correctly (Eg: si123456789)
    Password: password (Usually the password will be password itself )
    Session Established by: Always On
    9. Now click Next, the last screen will look like the one provided below.

    Internet Connection configuration
    10. Click on Apply. Now please close the window and wait for a minute. Then check whether you are able to use Internet using the Network cable/LAN cable. If so, we are ready to proceed for Wifi/WLAN/Wireless LAN setup

    Wireless settings:
    1. From the Main page of the BSNL configuration page, click on “Wireless Network”. Please check below said image:

    BSNL Wireless Configuration
    Here are the settings you need to change:
    Profile: 801.11 b/g
    Wireless: Enable
    Country : USA
    Channel selection: auto
    Select Channel: 1
    Network name SSID: SiRu Wlan (You can enter any name that you wish)
    Hide SSID: No
    Select Security Option: Wi-Fi Protected Access
    Select Authentication protocol: TKIP protocol
    Select Authentication Method: PSK (Pre Shared Key)
    WPA pass phrase: siraj98765 (This is the password, so ensure that you remember it)
    PMK chaching: Enabled.
    Ensure that you save the settings and allow 10-20 seconds to refresh the page. Then check the WLAN LED on the Router/Modem is lit.
    This is working like a charm
    I found another good web site which says about configuring Internet, Click here to open the link
    Dear reader, please leave a comment if this blog is useful
    check this slide may be useful
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    good one. Image not seen.
    Post as Annexure or as Inset ( yellow icon here )
    or upload at say and give link without Internet Service for Individuals and Business Internet Service -

    2.The Teracom link below may be also useful.
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    I am herewith attaching the screenshot of the page that was referred in Post No.1 point no.1

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    Now I find this page after all the work lol.. Well I found that under Mac Address Filtering for Mac IP if you put "-" it does not work, but if you put ":" it goes through without saying enter a valid MAC IP address. eg. xx-xx-xx-xx-xx-xx comes up with that window and so I put it as xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx.

    As for the security whatever you choose just have to see to it that the key is entered correctly in the laptop. One thing I was lost on was on that calcutta phones page it mentions see the physical address for MAC IP but then it is mentioned on wireless network of your computer. Now the wireless lan adapter will be on the laptop right? So most probably the address from the laptop that is trying to be connected has to be entered into the MAC filtering(unless there is another computer using internet access through a wireless adaptor) or should the Physical address from the computer be taken as the MAC IP and entered there?!

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