Configure 2Wire router+modem ?

Discussion in 'BSNL broadband' started by moonis.ahmed, Jul 1, 2011.

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    I have a ZTE ZXDL 831AII modem currently. I have got a 2Wire 2700HGV modem+router which I want to use in place of ZTE.

    Is it possible to use the 2Wire model as both modem+router with bsnl connection? If yes, then i would appreciate if someone can guide me though the configuration with PPPoe settings.

    If not, then is it possible to use the 2Wire model as just a router connected to existing ZTE modem? i would like to know how this can be achieved.

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    2Wire 2700HGV modem+(WIFI) router
    Yes. as a standalone unit. fo r the present.
    Copy the details as entered in ZTE adsl modem
    ( Keep present settings and as standby to connect to Internet )
    ( the menu pages will be different )

    and try to connect in Lan mode.
    Important vpi/vci for BSNL 0 and 35.
    Wireless settings if needed.
    If you have Installation CD use it.

    or RESET to factory settings and try to connect
    in Dialer Mode ( userid/PW entered in system window )

    PPPoE mode means "Always On "
    (userid?PW entered/stored in modem wan page )

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    Not working


    sorry for the late reply. I tried with the provided settings. For the PPPoE mode, it doesnt take the userid in the normal form (i.e. in a non-email form, which I normally use in the dialer). So, I tried with providing Then it gives an invalid userid error while setting up. I dont know if I need to register for id for logging in. Attached is the settins I am using. I am not sure if they are correct or not. My existing ZTE modem is not wifi enabled so I couldnt find any WAN page where I can get the stored userid/pw (if different from what I use to dial in).

    Kindly advise.

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    check ATM encapsulation. Now Bridged LLC default
    other options? .
    Bridged VC-Mux,
    Routed LLC, &
    Routed VC-Mux.
    Try Routed VC mux.
    then other two.
    MTU 1500 or 1492 Ok.
    user id with /without should not matter.
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