Condition of Indian Women in 21st Century

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    Yes may be new age Indian women are become develop, some one is becoming player, actress, politician, doctors or lots of successful person in the society but still if we look at the entire Indian society then we suddenly realize that majority is still in the dark or living with either with so much agony or humiliation in every area. Like still
    • One girl humiliation start before her born at the age when she was in embryo stage lots of the parents kills the fetus after sex test. If parents can’t do that the baby girl gets lot of negligence after her birth even also girls are kills in few rural areas after the birth.
    • If few parents are not so much cruel then also girls condition not much better few of them neglect girls education compare to boy. In the early age girls earn money for family by doing work.
    • Few parents always feel (this thing is present in urban area also) that girls child are headache and her marriage is the ultimate solution what ever the way giving dowry or not just finding such solution in girls early age(sometimes below 18) this is also a one type of humiliation to the girl or an woman may be she has lots of ambition in life but all crumble down in single tremor.
    • Now in case their married life lots of the women get torture due to unable to fulfill the dowry or any other reason. Not always is torture is in high note we all know in India society husband is guardian and always few husband try to dictate her wife and finally wife lose her freedom. Such life is some times can be compare with prisoner in jail but the only difference is they got the punishment of their own guilty but other side another one get same punishment because she born as girl.
    If I explain all then it will be never ending thread but what ever be we have the law to protect the woman from such condition but it can’t do anything if majority of people in society can’t change them self so still girl’s embryo killing is present, still woman are not getting the share of property, still wife get humiliated by her husband.

    Now I am coming to the urban area where so called woman and girls are developed but if you look that society, then also minor humiliation of girl still present there. Like society is very much concern about the dresses of women and girls few people always believe that they should wear traditional Indian dress and try to compel them to wear such dress it's another women humiliation. Not only that few sexual harassment in work place is also present in our society and finally our society is conservative even in urban area also that the reason where few political party’s member is attacking to the modern women in the name of preserving ‘Indian culture’ actually it also a humiliation of women.


    Can we do something ? at least within a next 50 years such problem will reduce in our society?
    Now today is the International woman’s day I am praying to god that blesses all of them.
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    Great thread Rupu :clap:

    I will add my comments very soon :)
    just booking this space for myself :)
  3. aashaka_gandhi

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    well a gr8 thread......

    yes i agree to an extent that there are still places specially in (villages) rajasthan gujarat n maharasthra.....n i really wonder how is it possible to make them understnd...?

    i myself go to villages around ahmedabad n we educate ppl regarding a lot of things....from hygeine to common studies to self protection also making them understand that a girl child is a boon n not a curse....!!!!

    but thy usually dont tend to understand ....the basic reasons b/h it.....
    1. when thy get married thy ve to pay a lot of dowry which is soo much....tht thy go in debts for yrs togather.
    2. being the girl wud not take their family ahead ....

    even if u stay in urban area or maybe in go to the West......there is no sense of some extents....i ve even stayed in West for a year n half....n there also....a female is ofcourse treated a minor...ofcourse not to an extent tht it happens in our country.....

    nevertheless....the female child in our country now with the awareness are being brought up n educated ......!!! n there are now a lot of females who ve made it big.....

    well i really wonder about it ll remain the same or not for next 50 yrs ...but i m hoping tht atleast we shud try n bring the change.....atleast i m doing my bit.....for now....
  4. rupu1983

    rupu1983 Guest

    This problem is present all over the India lots of laws has been implemented to protect the women rights but nothing much changed I think awareness and education is more important rather than law may be it will be more effective to
    protect them.
  5. newprouser

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    This problem is caused due to

    ---> Education system is a total failure in rural areas
    ---> Existing Laws are not implemented properly.
    ---> The public,soceity (ie WE) tend to adopt a defensive attitude, asking the women to lay down instead of discouraging/punishing/humiliating the males.

    But what really marvels me is that sometimes, the women humiliate other women when she faces problems although the former know it wasn't the latter's fault. Of all the things this is the biggest injustice on the part of women to themselves :mad: ( case in point : Mother-in-Law vs Daughter in Law, rurual woman vs rest of women in that soceity/village etc).

    As of now, the only thing that can make a drastic change is

    --> Awareness of their rights.
    --> Implementing the laws properly
  6. rupu1983

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    I am waiting for your reply
    lots of space is booked for you :)

    Not only that if possible then fight for their own right like the women did in French revolution it can bring mighty change in our society.
  7. newprouser

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    Like I said said there's no unity among the women themselves. BRing up that alone can make a difference right now...
  8. panchabhut

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    The proplem is far far deeprooted than the lack of education system or lawlessness.
    Since the time a girl takes birth, every single member of her family repeatedly tells her she is "paraya dhan" and the whole purpose of her upbringing and education is that one day she might find a "perfect match". Except for the North-East (and may be Bengal), girls are supposed to be property and are not supposed to have any individual identity. They are first known by their father and then by their husband.
    Even the traditional Hindu Undivided Family (HUF-mitakshara) prevailant in all parts of India except NE and Bengal also does not confer any rights to women.
    And the worst part is that its the women, more than the men, who are always insisting on the following of these traditions.

    p.s. NE and Bengal has dayabhaga system (with both boys and girls having equal right to property) as the traditional system and HUF-mitakshara system is not applicable.
  9. aashaka_gandhi

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    these facts .... surprise me for sure........
  10. paulips007

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    i still dnt know why this dowry system for,the girl itself is a dowry ,then why pple need this, and i dont think education is gng to make the difference ,since the educated people itself is demanding more...if see the trend a boy suppose he is a government employee, the boy demands for high dowry,cant we stop this....since i know families suffering due to this why they should?? is that because they had a girl???
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    @paulips007, No SMS text in posts please.
  12. The language used in these forums is just hysterical..
    logged in just to say that, thanks.
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    Let us save Girl...

    It is a cruel truth and one of the my more concerning topic from my childhood I saw the whole development of our or society I am very much aware of the role of female in our society development but it is a brutal truth still in rural and so called urban india women and girls have very less right and they do not know why this gender gap? why still parents have thought like " when the girls child are taking birth they saving money for her marriage why not for study or higher study?" why this biasness.
    Really terrible situation when parents are selling their daughter giving dowry. All are social evil but why parents giving dowry. I can say 70 % parents are responsible still lot of women abuse,explotaiton, marriage before time, how parents can decide which is going to be good spouse of your girl? Ask from society how shameful when I usually heard to talk to my friend I will ask for this thing from girl in marriage-- why this?
    Why government not focusing only giving free form which is already late are we do not have reasonability to save our sister, mother and friend. Human and Woman commission not able to justify there role. I shares all the concerns with you please do let me correct by any means if I heart any sister, mother. For this I am extremely sorry.
    I had these concerns from child hood got time today and pen down today do help me by correcting me where I am wrong. Please save motherhood.

    Vijay bhaskar Semwal
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