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Discussion in 'Hathway' started by hiren, Jan 23, 2011.

  1. hiren

    hiren New Member


    I have taken postpaid plans with hatyway and paid 3600 rs for 6 month plan. plan is 512kbps from 9PM to 9AM. But from day one internet is working very slow. I have registered so may complaint with customer care, but they either dont pickup call and if they pickup, they never take any steps. some of the complaints are listed below with date.

    please let me know what steps i can take to sue them.

    hathway complaint no

    07th january 2011 - 20110105045
    10th january 2011 - 20110110065
    23th january 2011 - 20110123032
  2. sharma_pune

    sharma_pune New Member

    Check their fair usage policy. They are cheating people like that.

    hathway .com/ brodband/prod_broadband_fair_usage_policy.asp
  3. hiren

    hiren New Member

    hatway internet problem

    is there any way we can sue the company?
  4. essbebe

    essbebe LEARNER

    Do you have a copy of any Agreement you signed ?

    Is there a Non refundable/refundable. clause, even if service not
    provided by them ?)
    Can you access the modem settings ( if any supplied by them ?)

    Check speed here.
    My Broadband Speed - Broadband Speed Tester
  5. sharma_pune

    sharma_pune New Member

    Here are some places to try:

    consumerhelpline. in National Consumer Helpline - Toll Free 1800-11-4000

    consumergrievance com

    dpg. gov .in
  6. shivanand_09

    shivanand_09 New Member

    Visit their office
  7. tRg_eNeRgIZeR

    tRg_eNeRgIZeR New Member

    @hiren i am thinking wat u are thinking....lloll....but hathway was best isp 2 yrs back...i was a hathway user for 2yrs and never got frquent disconnections or breakdowns....but recently 4rm last 2 months i dunno wat has happened to his sucking has sucked to core.....4rm two months i called them 100 times abt this frquent disconnection prob....still those fail engineers couldnt resolve the also the same problem continues 4 me....i have decided not to clear their bills.........till they dont completely resolve the problem.....jaago hathway jaago...oops not hathway had
  8. tilakraj291

    tilakraj291 New Member

    COMPLAINT AGAINST THeir service and commitments

    I had taken hathyway plan for six months for Rs 3529 It is is 512kbps full day unlimited. But from day one internet is working EXTREMELY SLOW. I had corners of hathway and demand for refund no one ready to CALL and listed the THIRD CLASS CHEAT Co all advised NEVER TAKE HATHWAY CONNECTION its better you stick to ur old one they are biggest cehater. They cheaqt all for their own profit .

    THIS Co will close sooooon
  9. topgunitsme

    topgunitsme New Member

    u call them and they will tell u wat 2 over de fone.....thts how i solved my probs
  10. sidhi0606

    sidhi0606 Guest

    complain for hathway

    hi, I have taken postpaid plans with hatyway and paid 550 rs for 1 month plan. plan is 512kbps but its been 3 months i didnt get connection.. but m getting bill i have complaints many times about it they say we cant get u connection but they r not refunding me
  11. aditya jain

    aditya jain Guest

    I have been a user of Hathway from last 3 years. I have 1mbps prepaid plan all time. The download speed is worst even at 1mbps. Though i was ok with slower speed, Net fluctuations are so frequent that it will blow your head off (every 10 mins net goes and comes in another 5 mins). Sometimes net goes for whole day or more. Customer care nos. keep us waiting for bare minimum 10-15 mins and after you waste money on your call they come to help you on the otherside and again keep you on hold for another 4-5 mins. I have even faced customer care executives who bluntly disconnect the call on your face.
    Speed slow,
    worst service provider,
    cheating on your internet usage,
    bad customer help,
    frequent fluctuations in net,
    no refund no nothing.
    GUYS HAthway SUCKS. Dont go for it ever.

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  12. WhiteLotus

    WhiteLotus New Member

    Hi Hiren,
    I stay in Mumbai. I strongly recommend you to go to their office. WHY? Check my story and their typical sarkari attitude.

    I wanted to upgrade the plan from exxpressway 1 Mbps (4 month 4 Gb) to pentaway 2 Mbps (4 months 12 Gb). Plan was ending on 9th Nov and I caled on 4th Oct.

    I called helpline and they said that I can do it by calling renewals, which I have to select that option, during the call. I could never connect to it. So I emailed to helpdesk and in turn they forwarded to I tried to call 2 - 3 times a day from 4th Oct till 30th Oct (My plan was ending on 8th Nov). Fired up 4-5 reminder, still no response.

    Finally, I went to the local office as I was fed up with the helpline. This is what they said.


    Hathway: To change the plan, you HAVE TO come to our office.

    Me: (arguement) In helpline, pre-recorded cassette says that you can email to helpline or renewals.

    Hathway: Renewals only general auto response. They do nothing.

    me: can you plese give your contact no.

    Hathway: We have all out going calls. Incoming calls are blocked. We have only one line which has in coming on. We are so busy that we hardly attend the call !!!!! .If you want I can give you.

    me: what is the final figure of pentaway: take a look yourself (he pointed at an A4 paper, stick with cello tape)

    Me: What is the advantage if I pay for 6 months instead of 4 months. (he just pointed the figure). Typical sarkari babu :mad:

    me: If you could attend calls from your customer, I can change the plan from telephone, by couriering cheque of final figure (including taxes). There i no need to come to here.

    Hathway: a smile. Another fellow: Where do you stay
    ... after my answer ...

    Hathway: oh, then you can some here, it is nearby.


    I upgraded the plan and paid the cheque.

    Later, I got an email reminder, SMS, and then a call from hathway that I did not renewed the plan.

    I had renewed on 31th or 1nov and got the call on 4th-5th (dont remember exact date)

    So, I went back to them and they said that it will be renewed after the current plan gets exhausted. Later on I found out that Balance Mbs will not be carry forwarded and will be scrapped. No body bothered to inform me :mad:

    Final shock. On 9th Nov, I could not connect to internet.

    I could not even connect to helpline. Finally, I remembered the default password. which is hathway123. They had reset my password, without informing me.

    This is my part of story.

    Oh, I remember, Before a year, I went to their office, they had a poster, mostly after they had increased the rentals

    "Customer is King and King does not bargain"

    So much for their attitude. Abiding forums rules, I am maintaining my politeness (with pain). :( :mad: :mad:

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