Checking your Broadband Speed through Intel

Discussion in 'Airtel Broadband' started by vin_sun, Sep 30, 2010.

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    This is not anything specific to Airtel as such but I hope this information will be useful to most.

    Also hope this is not "old news"

    Intel has a basic version to just check the speed of your Broadband connection. It does not give any details of your download / upload speeds.

    As I am yet to reach the 15 posts limit, I am not allowed to post any URLs so just google "Intel Broadband Speed Test" and you can see it as the first result called "Broadband Speed Test - Intel"
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    I've never seen such piece of crap speed test in my life,results are just a plain joke!
  3. vin_sun

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    Given your seniority in this forum, I suppose your viewpoint is justified. I am aware that Airtel too has its own speed check and so does

    Is there really any trusted source from where one can determine the true speed of their connection?

    That I have a "two speed connection" - 1 Mb/sec during daytime and 2 Mb/ sec during nighttime - I ran checks during both the periods and it did come close to the stated bandwidth speeds. As I am not a pro with bandwidth issues I assumed that there was some truth in what the Intel site displayed.
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  5. essbebe

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    about 15 MB data required for both D/L and U/L ( best for U/L tariff plans !)
    compare with different servers also Ping test.
    another one from U.K

    5.Reliance : ( from Google search ) does not open.

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