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Discussion in 'MTNL broadband' started by Sid, Aug 31, 2008.

  1. Sid

    Sid Guest

    hey all.... i m new 2 MTNL...can smone tell me hw 2 check usage from thier website (delhi) :)
  2. lekhi123

    lekhi123 New Member

    for me that site, doesnt even work....are you able to log in...
  3. Sid

    Sid Guest

  4. gg_bti

    gg_bti New Member

    Anybody else able to log on unable to log on as well whereas MTNL BB is working fine with the same username password

    I received the following reply for captioned subject from MTNL Delhi Helpdesk. Havn't checked as yet if below works or not.....


    For usage details on your PC , kindly login on and on clicking login with username as Tel.No@mtnl and password as C.A.No .Click on usage information displayed at right side of your computer screen of the window appeared and get the desired result.

    If there is no display on URL kindly provide the tracert for the same with following command on C:\ prompt as written below and enter :

    With regards
    MTNL Internet Helpdesk
    T.No. 1504/22221504
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  5. gg_bti

    gg_bti New Member

    I was unable to log in with above details...still not working...

    MTNL Helpdesk says that the username is "Phoneno@mtnl"... however when I enter the same it says that Login ID should be alphanumeric and does not let to proceed...

    any idea by anyone how to login the above site for triband users....?
  6. Sid

    Sid Guest

    the site u have mentioned doesn't even open for me....a blank white page is displayed.......btw i check my usage frm da site using username as "Phoneno@mtnl"
  7. gg_bti

    gg_bti New Member

    this is what I get on this 202 site

    Login Error : INTERNAL SERVER ERROR : Naming Exception has occurred while getting Facade Interface. Please contact your system administrator

    No response from MTNL

    Hey All

    The above site 202 is working perfectly fine....Thanks a ton SID.....
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    AJAYSSS Guest


    Dear Sir,

    To know your MTNL Usage, Just Open Google. and type MTNL Broadband bol, you will get the page at the top. Click on it and type your phone no. as User ID and CA No. as Password. The page will be open. Now you can check ur usage
  9. SuperFlyBoy

    SuperFlyBoy New Member

    There is also a Firefox Add-On, called Data Fox.

    Search for "MTNL", then you'll find it - it's the only site there when searching.

    (Can't post URL's for some reason... :rolleyes:)
  10. essbebe

    essbebe LEARNER

  11. SuperFlyBoy

    SuperFlyBoy New Member

    Exactly - I couldn't post this, due to having less than 15 posts... :eek:

    (You basically piggy-backed my post! :p)
  12. daljeet kaur

    daljeet kaur Guest

    how to check my usage

    kindly tell me how can i check my usagees
  13. Naman Suri

    Naman Suri New Member

    username is ur mtnl landlien no and password is consumer no log in.....u hv to enter it two times....
  14. Viru

    Viru Member

    Try a software called Bandwidth Meter

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