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Discussion in 'Airtel 3G' started by vipul, Mar 25, 2012.

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    Just the day before yesterday i have done a flexi recharge worth of Rs 9 for 3G data.
    It is to check the network connectivity.Coz previously i was getting EDGE not 3G.So after the successful recharge and checking my 3G account,i used it just for a brief and being satisfied of receiving 3G network ended the session.i have not gone beyond 10 MB free usage limit neither validity.

    I got the shock next day when i checked my balance.83 rupees was deducted from my main account.When contacted the cc,they were like ,you surfed thats why you were charged.Nobody wanted to listen to me why I would be charged twice for the same service.

    I have registered a complaint with the nodal office.lets see what they do.

    so beware before using this flexi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. dude there might be some mistake either in selecting recharge value or something related to that. because airtel does advertise 3G recharge at Rs 9 but i have never seen in any circle a recharge coupon below Rs11 for a 3G recharge.

    secondly, after recharging, did u checked the 3g data balance on ur phone by dialing *121*11# or not...??? 2g data balance is shown on *121*10# qnd for 3g data balance, i have mentioned above.

    also, me on airtel 3g (roaming in delhi) and its working awesome, provided sometimes network gets congested and speed doesnt come like it should be but then thats part and parcel of a wireless broadband ..

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