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Discussion in 'Other DSL Broadband Services' started by rk_mayal, Jul 7, 2009.

  1. rk_mayal

    rk_mayal New Member


    I'm looking for cheapest unlimited broadband plan of any ISP?
    Preferable speed 256kbps+ and cost around Rs 600 per month.

  2. just4kix

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  3. chandru2

    chandru2 New Member

    yes its the cheapest, if u want unlimited go for 750Plus and if u want speed with limited D/load, go for 500Combo Plus.Hope this helps.
  4. speedy

    speedy New Member

    Reliance is providing cheaper unlimited DSL connection in some areas.
    300kbps unlimited connection for Rs.649.
    There is no Fair Usage Policy with this plan.
    Check with your local Reliance representative for more information.
  5. saurabh28

    saurabh28 New Member

    If you live in Mumbai or Navi Mumbai or Thane area then go for 5net,
    Cost depends on your area for 256k unlimited plan from Rs. 300 to Rs. 450.
  6. r.dyp

    r.dyp Member

    i think go for BSNL ul 256kbps plan @ 750/- as there is no FUP and speed is constnt !
  7. phoenix23

    phoenix23 New Member

    Yeah 5net luks very promising with its All Mumbai Hub on its menu ..
    So ppl opt for a minimum plan and get access to stuff which is in excess of 100 Tb's through DC++.

    Also u can try the MTNL 599 UL(256kbps)
    it is available for just 599/-
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  8. nicky6

    nicky6 New Member

    can nybody give the contact no for 5 net in mumbai, thane....i stay in thane

    can nybody give the contact no for 5 net in mumbai, thane....i stay in thane
  9. tech123

    tech123 New Member

    Go for MTNL if you are living in Mumbai.
    512Kb only for 599 per month.:)
  10. gaggan4392

    gaggan4392 New Member

    If you are in punjab than...............
    connect has just introduced 1 mbps ul plan for rs.495pm in limited areas of punjab.
    So try it .
    it is cheapest 1 Mbps in India in broadband.
  11. jatin2009

    jatin2009 New Member

    But dont get happy because there is a catch. Check the amount of data downloads you are allowed with Rs. 495 and you will be surprised. It is not unlimited. This is the trick by ISPs all over India to catch you for higher speeds, you get hooked to it, then you want to download more, but cannot, because of the limit on GBs that you can download. So, eventually you are forced to move over to the so called higher price plans with higher download GBs allowed. The UNLIMITED downloads in India is not unlimited but has a limit of whatever GBs from 5GB to 100GB depending on the plan. None of them is suffiicent because the higher the speed, the more you end up downloading in the same time. Be careful and do your homework well before you take a plan!!
  12. njoy

    njoy New Member

    LOL .
    old thread
    cant wait to comment who suggested BSNL was cheapest in anyway? :confused:

    Go for something local. Keep BSNL as a last resort.

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