Cheapest Broadband Service Provider in India

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    Cheapest Broadband Service Provider in India

    Today India has shown growth in Internet service providing section such that they are now considered one of the world’s cheapest broadband services that offer excellent and hassle free internet accessibility. Unlike many countries like China India doesn’t put strict restrictions in the usage of Internet and one is free to express his or her concern over the internet and do lot more of things.

    The State run telecom giants offer some wonderful broadband plans throughout the nation which enable common man to access the world of web sitting at their comfortable homes and paying just a minimal amount for rental and service charges. The broadband internet access card from BSNL has been surprisingly to all internet users. It has been a blessing to those who were looking for hassle free internet connection while traveling throughout the nation as well as abroad.

    The BSNL 3G Data Card are meant for all sorts of internet activities and are highly useful to those who need internet to check emails anytime one wishes and from any place. The 3G data cards help one to work and move and have fun. The simplest yet the most powerful internet access tool right now in Indian market are the BSNL 3G data card. In fact BSNL has been the first to launch 3G services in India and they have really excelled in the field of providing high speed broadband internet connections.

    Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Limited (MTNL) the sister company of Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) in Mumbai and Delhi offer fixed-line customers 256 kilobits per second (kbps) broadband connections for 500 rupees a month, much less than the existing 1500 rupee offer by some other ISP providers. Days back when this plan was launched Information Technology and Communication Minister Dayanidhi Maran told a press conference, "We have been slow to adopt new technologies in the television and even internet sphere but in a way this will now work in our favour. Indian firms will bring the best technologies into the country at the cheapest prices. The need of the hour is high-speed internet and our state-run communications firms will provide the service for voice, data transmission and video at a minimum speed of 256 kilobits per second and up to the highest speed of 20 megabytes per second."

    Going by such rates the broadband service by BSNL and MTNL is the cheapest broadband service and is far cheaper than internet connection that is prevalent in Europe and American Countries. And with the growing competition among the ISP providers like Reliance, Airtel and TATAINDICOM there is expectancy that the broadband rates will fall down further. There are few cabled broadband connection that exist in different states like Delhi, Karnataka, Maharastra, Gujrat and others which also offer such cheap broadband plans.
    Another cheapest broadband service in India is Reliance Broadband. The company has announced some excellent residential plans for home users as follows:
    Reliance Broadband Plans for Residence: [Wireless Broadband]
    Speed 150 Kbps + Unlimited Download - Rs 750 / Month
    Speed 300 Kbps + Unlimited Download - Rs 999 / Month
    Speed 600 Kbps + Unlimited Download - Rs 1,799 / Month
    Service Taxes + Installation Charges are extra.

    Pre-Paid Residential Reliance Broadband:
    Speed 150 Kbps + Unlimited Download - Rs 3,750 for 6 Months
    Speed 150 Kbps + Unlimited Download - Rs 7,500 for 12 Months

    Reliance Business Broadband Plans for SME/SMB: [Wireless Broadband]
    Speed 100 Kbps + Unlimited Download - Rs 1,250 / Month
    Speed 300 Kbps + Unlimited Download - Rs 4,000 / Month
    Speed 600 Kbps + Unlimited Download - Rs 11,100 / Month
    Service Taxes + Installation Charges are extra.

    Business customers also get the to add the following packages,

    * Anti Virus Software Subscription + Firewall security
    * Business E-mail + Domain Name Services
    * Wireless Networking within Office or Wired LAN
    * Static IP
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    For Hyderabadis , I recommend you to take up Beam telecom

    400 512 Kbps
    600 784 Kbps
    800 1 Mbps
    1000 2 Mbps
    1400 4 Mbps

    These are the Unlimited plans
    Speed upto 40 Mbps
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    Nice tariff. Do they have Fair Usage Policy ?
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    Ya meetdilip,they have fair usage policy on these plans.
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    ya FUP sucks..........................

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