Changing settings on the Beetel 110BX1

Discussion in 'Airtel Broadband' started by Boot_Comp, Nov 30, 2008.

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    I was trying to change the default password on my Airtel DSL router (Beetel 110BX1) but see that every time I make any change (even change in any settings) and then try to browse any website, instead of the site opening I always get the activatemyairtel website instead.

    Is there any way to avoid this every time I make a change?
  2. essbebe

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    Disable client tr_069 . Look in Management.
  3. essbebe

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    Will greatly appreciate, if feedback is given.
    on solution suggested.
    Either +ve or _ve. Both are welcome.
  4. chromatic

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    I m having a sterlite modem with mtnl brodband connection in new delhi, but the speeds are very limited. i know that thr is a fault with my router or modem( i dont nkow whta it is).
    so im trying bettel 110bx1 adsl2 + router now, but im not able to get the settings right. maybe u can help...
  5. essbebe

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    bettel 110bx1 adsl2 + router
    VPI VCI for MTNL 0 32 Airtel 1 32 Bsnl 0 35
    To avoid dns problem use open dns and

    Please type beetel 110Bx or 220BX in Search Box above. for old threads.
    or see the link given
    All similar modems ( with without WIFI)
    If any problem , in getting connected to Internet
    Please post this data:
    Start RUN type cmd Ok
    New window
    type ipconfig /all
    Copy/Paste data ( No edit )
    Add to favorites/bookmaarks , if found useful.
    For tweaking for speed :
    TRY tcp/ip optimizer from
    Always mention full details of the modem/model/make/number, and if possible upload Device Info at as jpg picture
    and give the link here.
    Confirm SAm adsl modem number. sam100 ? sam200 sam300 ?

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  6. superprash2003

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  7. chromatic

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    i appologise for not mentioning the model number. It is SAM300 AX
    i wasnt able to get any help from the threads u reffered to.
    here is the result

    plz remove the space after http:
    im not allowed to post any url untill now
    @superprash the results are
    download 0.25 Mb/s
    upload 0.20 Mb/s which is not good.
  8. essbebe

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  9. chromatic

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    Thanx for this much info and yes i am using sam300ax which was provided by mtnl when i got the connection. And i know all these things of sam300ax

    but the problem is my speed. one of my friend residing nearby me got an internet connection from mtnl at the end of 2009. He got a white colored modem( or router ){and now is the main point} he has the same plan (unlimited combo) and he is getting speed of around 90 kB/s and the same for me is 30 kB/s. this is the only point of concern for me so i thought maybe thr's something wrong with my connection. then i went to another friend who also has got same plan with sam300ax and his speed is also 30kB/s. 1 more friend of mine has got the same plan again and with that white modem and he is also geting around 90kB/s. this confirmed me that the only problem is with my modem, so i got the beetel 110bx1 adsl2 + router from somewhere and now i want to set up my internet connection through beetel (maybe that will solve my problem of speed). after all the efforts i am not able to connect to the internet through beetel and that is really disgusting cauze i have a lot of downloads and with 30 kB/s it takes a lot of my time.

    the only thing i want is someone to help me connect to internet through beetel. i have checked other threads for beetel but they were not of any help.
    if u can help me .... please do that.. im dying for some good speed...:(
    thanx for your help..
  10. essbebe

    essbebe LEARNER

    Beetel 110bx1 adsl2 + router
    [i want is someone to help me connect to internet through beetel.

    1. RESET the modem with power on for 20 to 30 seconds.
    2. Try Dialer mode with BSNL userID and PW
    If connected Ok
    3.access modem menu

    Advanced options WAN
    select VPI/VCI 1 32 edit (* for AIRTEL)
    enter username PW
    In DNS menu
    enter open dns and google DNS
    Save reboot wait for two minutes.

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