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Discussion in 'BSNL broadband' started by sadiquepp, Mar 2, 2009.

  1. sadiquepp

    sadiquepp New Member

    I am working in Pune and using Reliance Broadband at home in Pune. My home town is in kerala and using BSNL Broadband therr.

    * To change plan for my reliance broadband in Pune, I had to pick up my phone, call the customer service and request to have it changed.

    Total money spent: Rs 5 for mobile call.
    Total time spent: 5 minutes.

    * Now how did I change the plan for my BSNL connection in my home at kerala.

    - Called up BSNL customer service. An *unprofessional* person took the call. I spoke with him and requested him that I need the plan changed. He requested me to go to the nearest customer service centre and give the request in writing.

    - The nearest customer service office for BSNL was 12 KM away from my home. I went there on my bike and submitted this request. I got surprised when they told me "This request can't be processed from here. For this you have to go to our Centre office at Shornur (which is 40 KM away from my home). I asked them whether I can drop the request here and you can forward it there". The unprofessional person who is professionally clad told me "No, you have to go there."

    - I am a muslim and was fasting that day for Ramzan. Since I was very tired, I returned home.

    - The other day I went to BSNL office in Shornur (40KM away from my home). Submitted the request and finally got the plan changed in a couple of days.

    Total Resources spent to change the plan:

    Time: 6 hours from one of my beautiful day.
    Money: INR 120 for petrol

    And the pain of driving 80 kms in a day through the kerala roads.

  2. rupu1983

    rupu1983 Guest

    This also happen for me ,even most of the Calcutta telephones local exchange never except any BB connection application or plan change application so I always submit this in zonal office also they never forward it to zonal office.This is BSNL what we can do ? :eek:
  3. just4kix

    just4kix Guardian Angel Staff Member

    This experience is strange. I just visited my local exchange and submitted an application in writing. Yes. They will not accept plan changes over the phone and rightly so.
  4. rupu1983

    rupu1983 Guest

    Kix really you are lucky my local exchange Belur Math they never except any BB application or plan change application as i said as they never forward it even others local exchange also did the same thing they said they don't have such section so when ever i make application for new connection of phone or BB application or cellone all application I have submitted in Howrah zonal head office.
  5. just4kix

    just4kix Guardian Angel Staff Member

    That is pathetic service indeed. They are legally bound to accept all BB forms, complaints, applications, etc. at the local exchange. They are refusing to do this because no one can question them.
  6. matrix

    matrix New Member

    I live in Kalyan west, I applied for change of plan in the local exchange and the same was accepted, the plan got changed as per the date of plan change (1/2/09) specified in the acknowledgment. So each exchange behave differently and there is no uniformity.
  7. robert_0007

    robert_0007 Member

    BSNL wants written request because They need a document. Suppose any one can call BSNL and tell them to change any ones' plan. I myself live in a very small town. I know every BSNL employee in my locality (from top official to grade 4) and also they know me well (This is because our town is very small). When I need to change my plan, I just call the BB Incharge in my locality and it works but one day I call him tell him to change my friends BB plan (As My friend request me to give his application to BSNL office). The BB incharge refuse to do that. He then told me to give application, as he need document for any type of further clarification.

    So I can say that, they do not want to give extra pain but they have to maintain record for future clarification.
  8. sadiquepp

    sadiquepp New Member


    Your arguments are well deserved for 19th century, but not for the 21st century, unfortunately. I hold an SBI credit card which is a govt entity, I have never gone to any state bank and given anything in writing to get anything done. Eg, convert my transactions to EMI. I just had to pick up my phone and do that? How did they confirm that it's exactly the right customer is requesting? If you don't know that is through some verification of my card details and personal details. This is what Reliance and other private entities are doing for verification and why can't BSNL do this? It's simply because they have not grown up to that extent.

    BSNL has a log in portal and why they can't accept requests online through that portal. It's simply because they have not yet grown up to that extent? Please don't say online requests are not documents. It is because even banks and Paypal do transactions of crores of rupees online without any written documents. It's quite disappointing to hear from a professional that you have to drive 40 KM to change ur plan.
  9. robert_0007

    robert_0007 Member


    Whether it is 19th Century or 21st Century, clarification is required. You can do your work through SBI etc etc over phone as you have the Credit card number and other details and that is very much personal (Generally not shared amongst friends). But regarding BB , the password, portalid, user id and phone No. can know anybody from your friend circle As we generally give access to our friend to do their work using our own BB. (Though it is also verymuch personal). So authentication is required. And regarding Portal use, the facility is not yet implemented.

    Yes that is also right that, to change a BB plan you should not ride motorcycle to such a extent. The only way left to solve this issue is write to the Chief of your telecom circle descriving the problem you are facing. I think that will serve the purpose.

    As for instance, The BB facility was not available to my place. We reach our ocal authority for making BB available but he said that he could not do that. Then we fight for that and within a year the facility is available.
  10. sadiquepp

    sadiquepp New Member


    This is what reliance and airtel does for plan change:

    - Customer calls their customer service.
    - They verifies his personal details, account number, billing number and etc.
    - If these are verified to be correct, they creates a service request and forwards that to the other department to change the plan.
    - The person who handles the request from other department calls the customer on the contact number on record and re-confirms that he himself put the request to change the plan.
    - After this the plan gets changed.

    If these steps are followed, how can my friend change my plan without my knowledge? Honestly, BSNL need to study a lot from others.
  11. kirankumargb

    kirankumargb Guest

    Same type of problem i too had i am an ICICI bank customer and when i request anything (in ICICI everything is done over phone they directly tell dont come to branch) they confirm the callers by this way....
    first itself while opening a account they ask the mobile number when it is registered for any next request or complaint when we call them they will just tell to wait & they will call back to the number which we have registered previously iteself then they will take the request ofcorse after calling also they ask home address card number etc etc but they have an option atleast not like these bsnl people....

    these bsnl people dont have still online payment facility where as almost all business companies do have... even in my personal shop i accept online payment but BSNL being such a reputed and Govt sector they are just USELESS thats all
  12. robert_0007

    robert_0007 Member

    Kindly visit BSNL Portal || Value Added Services -- Login Page Register there and pay your online bill of BSNL. I have allready paid a bill in this potal service and in the next bill I found that the paid bill is adjusted.
  13. sadiquepp

    sadiquepp New Member

    When I last checked, only people from selected states can make payment through this portal. Unfortunately Kerala is not one among the states where this facility is available.

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