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Discussion in 'Airtel Broadband' started by praitk20990, Feb 6, 2010.

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    I am using Airtel broadband connection with my PC. Recently I have bought a new laptop and I want to use wifi connectivity. I am planning to buy a wireless router for that purpose and I want both the connections i.e cable and wifi. Anyone advice me how to make it possible. Also please specify the wireless router to be bought for this. I have Beetel 220BXI (ADSL2+MODEM) router with my cable connection. I dont want to call airtel for changing this as I have heard that the modem they install for wifi can only be used for wifi connectivity and cable connection is not possible. Please help me out.
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    Airtel will supply a Beetel 450BX1 ( almost same as beetel 220BX with Wireless board)
    or Beetel 450 TC1. ( WA3002- G1 same )
    Both can be used with RJ45 cables to 4 different computers/laptops. in LAN/ethernet mode.
    In WIFI mode any number can be used in close proximity.
    ( Distance/Obstruction/Height etc matter ).
    I think You have ONLY AIRTEL telephone line based Broadband connection.
    Airtel will give in Exchange WIFI router on additional
    NON Refundable additional deposit of Rs 500/= No monthly rent.

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