Can you increase your speed from 256 kbps to 16 kbps. Yes , here's how but a big but

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    The Information Is provided for academic purpose & distributing Knowledge & sharing of knowledge.

    Broadband speed can be increased by uncapping illegally. This is not valid for services using DNS but DHCP.

    This method is valid for all platforms.

    First of all install wireshark -an network sniffer & analyzer. Any sniffer tool will do but I prefer it because of documentation available on it.

    Then obtain the TFTP server IP & modem config file.

    Click capture. Go to option & click it .

    Select your interface. If yours is not listed get its latest drivers & latest wincap ( windows) & libpcap ( for linux , BSD users , mac OS X ,solaris & other unix variants but most distros give it. ).
    Type udp in Capture filter . Click all boxes as I have.

    Click start. Now this window will become invisible.

    In first window click on Expression.

    Select bootp.file & keep relation as ' is present '.Click OK.

    Run it for at least 24 hours.

    Scanner is not in good condition that's why the next image is not good. Book had given the Ethereal but this project is replaced by Wireshark.

    Well replace Ethereal above with Wireshark.

    Note above the info about TFTP/DHCP server , HFC IP of modem & configfile.

    Type (all unix variants have to install the tftp clients like tftp-hpa (I prefer this but all are nearly same )) :-


    replaced Dark red by info you have obtain.

    Now you will get your config file in root directory.

    Now change the your IP to IP of TFTP. ( In windows you can do it from Network Places – Clicking Properties- Clicking TCP/IP -I nUSE followin g IP insert type TFTP IP your subnet mask & your gateway). You will become offline now.

    Install & setup TFTP server (tftpd-hpa in unix variants & OneStep in windows for e.g.) .

    Change your configfile which you have downloaded & save it.

    Unplug your cable modem & plug it back in. Modem will download the file from your computer instead of TFTP server as your PC is TFTP server.

    If modem is requesting it multiple tine that's you have to use another config file.

    To become online revert to your previous IP settings.

    Steps IP can take counter this & they should as it is stealing.

    -First by becoming attentive. It is easy for big ISP but not local ISP. Yet all of them can monitor the data usage by subscriber. But you can't detect the user who is using it for browsing only that easily.

    -Second updating the config file regularly.

    Note :- this method don't apply to MTNL as it uses DNS.

    Source is Hacking the Cable Modem: What Cable Companies Don't Want You to Know. But this books dont describe it for unix variants & use software which are dead.
    Damn the html tags don't work here , thats why I have uploaded the image.

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    Why html tags don't work on preview.
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    You have to use bbCode tags in forum.
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  4. killer_sai

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    Sure it ill work... But am not a Mtnl one.. i can download the pics.. so attach the pics in ur post please..
  5. GameGuru

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    Why whould anyone wants to go 16Kbits from 256Kbits?, didn't understand this thing. I mean people usually wants to jump high on speed not to lower :S
  6. killer_sai

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    Hey he is rite
    y should v go to 256kbs to 16kbs
  7. Luke Skywalker

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    Sorry that's a mistake i meant to say 16 mbps.

    @ Admin & mods plz. change 16 kbps to 16 mbps here.
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  8. Sid

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    If this method doesn't apply to MTNL, then why is it here ?
  9. Luke Skywalker

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    It used to but not now. This is for academic purpose & using it is illegal.
  10. rohitrohen

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    is it working with Reliance Broadnet??
  11. superprash2003

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    good post!!appreciate your effort!!
  12. Luke Skywalker

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    Even if it works it will for at most 20 minutes. The steps i have mentioned to counter this have been taken by all ISPs. This method has become obsolete for MTNL as config files are not kept by modems but I have given it for academic purposes only. If it is still working for ISP ( it was for some local ISP last time( 13 months ago.) I checked as config files was stored by modems) you will be fined 2.5 lacs rupees or go to jailed for 24 months if caught which is not that difficult. This method has been given to increase the awareness of person wanting to start their own service.
  13. Luke Skywalker

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    This is illegal. I have given steps to counter this. All ISP except some local are using them I have written this for these local ISP.
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    Sorry i'm not hijacking the topic but just wanted to know whether softwares like utorrent speedup pro helps in boosting the speed of utorrent or not?????
  15. ratan113

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    Now if the configuration file is not getting saved in modem then whr it gets saved .

    How this method got obese-lute dose any one know ???

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