Can the DTH service provider bar free channels on expiry of subscription

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    I brought Dish TV DTH service and using. Service was disconnected due expiry of my subscription in the mid night. In the early morning around 8.00 am paid the subscription renewal using credit card through internet. Status of transaction is shown as pending even after 24hrs. I don’t understand the meaning of online transaction. Their website is in very pathetic condition. They give some SMS command but it is not working and each SMS discharged Rs. 3. In customer care no body picking up the phone. Now They barred from viewing free channels like DD. Now my question is
    1. Do the service providers have the right to bar the free channels?
    2. Who is the regulating body? Is it TRAI?
    3. Why the DTH service is not interoperable? Like mobile phone the hardware Dish and set-top box can be from any manufacturer and service from preferred service provided just buying the viewing card, in analogy some like SIM card to mobile phone. Because the customer care and service very poor. Then there is no point in having multiple DTH service providers. India is populated country, I fell they are going to suck the blood like vampire. I am a victim.

    Can Any one share your views on regulation?

    With regards
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    Some very good questions and I shall endeavour to answer them to the best of my limited abilities and knowledge.

    DishTV Service Quality: Yes. It is poor. The Web site can be described, at best, as a good project work from a student doing MCM, MCA, etc. Not at all professional and intuitive. I have used the service for online payment. I have not had much trouble. But the problem is "billing" and "customer care" are totally disconnected and this is true for many such orgs including banks such as ICICI. When you call the CC, they just note down the complaint and supposedly pass it to billing for resolution. However, please follow up and I am sure that your case would be resolved soon. Don't waste time and money on SMS. It won't work. Call up the CC using BSNL/MTNL landline.

    About FTA Channels: This question has been posed by many in the past - "should I not continue to get FTA channels even if I have discontinued paid channels?". The answer is NO. People mistakenly believe that FTA channels is their right. It is not. FTA channels are channels that are provided free of cost to subscribers on top of other paid services. You get FTA channels because you are paying for other services. You must have come across the term - buy one, get one free. This is something similar. You cannot go to the shop and say - I need only one item so just give me the free piece and I don't need to pay you anything.

    DTH CPE interoperability: A valid question. This is where TRAI/DOT should step in now. The problem is classic in India - rules are formed after the problem has been created. Problems are created because there is no foresight. Mobile telephony also has a problem about number interoperability but that is another story.

    The problem started like this. DishTV was the earliest entrant into the DTH foray about 4 years ago. There were no DTH rules then. CAS was also not implemented and hence no reference case of CPE and interoperability. Two years later TataSky came in and now there are 2 more (Sun and BigTV) and two more just about ready (Airtel and Videocon). If interoperability rules had been in place long before we would not have been in a mess. In any case the issue is only with the STB, I think - I believe that dish and LNB are reusable but STB is the main cost (Rs. 1000/- or so) and hence the anguish.
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    Thank you for your reply and your effort is appreciated. Let me explain my views for part by part.

    for the above part. Regarding the FTA channels, any body can buy a DTH set, which available for Rs. 1100 ( Settop box Rs. 700 + Dish Antena Rs. 400). I have paid Rs 3990/ for set + installation and Rs. 507/- for 5 months subscription. I know little bit DVB-S chipsets and programming. For FTA channels the program should be "don't check anything but decode the BS(Bit stream)" thats it. It is totally a exploiting mindset. I didn't buy under the contract. If I pulled the viewing card out. I should get the FTA channels. Will you accept any mobile phone stopped working and unable to retrieve the contact address that you have stored earlier if your subscription is expired?. I hope you wont.. My subscription is for the paid channels. As for as I know I haven't signed any agreement for everything. I don't agree the analogy of free piece for anything here.

    Normally as long as the customer is ignorant the service provider would like to take advantages that mind set has to change.
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    And let me ask you in the same question. Just because you purchased a mobile handset will you be able to make a call without an active SIM card?

    If you want FTA channels only, you can buy Prasar Bharati's (DD) DTH service.

    FTA channels is an add-on free service that is provided because you have subscribed to the paid service of the DTH provider. Please look from the other side of the fence as well.

    Imagine you are running a DTH service. You have hired transponders and bandwidth from a satellite that costs huge amount of money. You have to spend on advertising and promotion. You have other maintenance costs as well.

    You are also spending a lot of money to buy paid channels. You main source of income is from subscription services.

    Meanwhile the Govt. wants to promote its state owned TV services and mandated that all TV service providers (cable or DTH or IPTV) must provide these FTA channels, free of cost in every package.

    Will you provide service on this to everyone free of cost by providing just FTA channels? So you will keep incurring costs but have no income at all!! How long will you stay afloat? I see nothing wrong with this. You pay for subscribed services and you will also get some free services. There are no free lunches anywhere.
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    I am talking about the STB. Now the Antenna+LNB+ STB is my property. they have made money in selling it Rs 3990 for hardware+installation. they haven't given it on rental basis. you are right on the part the service providers they haired transponders and other fixed capital + operating cost. Since I have not paid the subscription let them not allow to use their transponders at all for any thing FTA + paid channels. The DD DTH is on NSS and the dish is already aligned for NSS. both use the same satellite for their services. let allow the STB decoder to function on the TS. You are mixing the mobile hardware functionality with the service provider in making the call or using the tower for any purpose. my view is on functioning of the STB decoder like functioning of the mobile processor to allow me to browse the contacts even absence of tower or no sim card or invalid sim card condition.

    Ok... you know what I did at the time of blockage. I am having a FTA STB brought for Rs 500. I used it instead of this STB.

    Any service provider they should secure the customer base based on their superior service. instead they should not try other means. Why did I brought their hardwares. Is it to make some fuzz or scarp it. No . Their service is very poor so I am talking here. Further if their service is poor I will be no longer as a customer, even I wont bother to scrap the things. They should attract me by their service.

    To tell you further, A very poor technician took 3 attempts and 3 days to install. what a pity. still the signal quality is very poor it is 50%. even after 6 months this is the case. They say that is the maximum quality people will get it. They underestimate every one. But there are at least one in 1000 will know things in and out. I am unable to view FTA channels. In this particular issue, I know that I have the rights to lodge complaint against it. I am collecting more issues to blow them.

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