can someone here tell how to disable package of ten sports and new sports

Discussion in 'Tata sky' started by bigugy, Nov 30, 2008.

  1. bigugy

    bigugy New Member

    i added ten sports for icl

    and neo sports for india series

    now with both of them over , i need to unsubscribe these packages

    can someone tell me how to do it , i have gone through helpdisk but it only tell how to add channels
  2. Preeti_20

    Preeti_20 Active Member

    Then it maybe that there is no option to remove packages or channels from the help desk!

    What you may need to do is call Tata Sky up and ask them to disable the package for you.

    Next time what you also can do is register online at Tata Sky and just add and remove channels from your account on the website!
  3. chintoo3

    chintoo3 New Member

    U cant deactivate until 1month of subscription.. So after completion of 1month cal customer care and tel them to deactivate or do ur self by loging on to their website..
  4. Rameshjeee

    Rameshjeee Good to be Back

    You can call the TataSky customer care & remove the required package(s). I did it last month.

    Here are the customer care numbers:
    From MTNL/BSNL lines: 1860 425 6633

    From other lines:
    Western India: 020 6600 6633
    Northern India: 0172 6600 663
    Southern & Eastern India: 040 6600 6633

    Delhi: 011 6000 6633
    Mumbai: 022 6000 6633
    Kolkatta: 033 6000 6633
    Chennai: 044 6000 6633
    Bangalore: 080 6000 6633

    We cannot remove the packages through online, we can only add packages through online.
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  5. Mirzarocx

    Mirzarocx New Member

    Yes, You need to call the CS to cancel the packages. You cannot cancel it online. Also, it has to be done only after end of a month.
  6. shekhar_tyagi

    shekhar_tyagi New Member

    looks like i finally discovered the solution of this problem.

    the solution for this problem is in their website. if you wish to unsubscribe any channel or package , just log in to mytatasky . com with ur subscriber id and go to the contact us section where there is another sub section named as my query , click on my query under that u will find a column named nature of complaint, selet packages there. their is another column after that as type, select 'drop sports package' in that and it will show you all the sports packages u have earlier subscribed and u can drop those channels from there. it will take affect immidietly and the channel will be droped from ur package.
  7. vishpoison

    vishpoison New Member


    Hey thanks for tthat shekhar.. had been searchng for that..
    Thanks a ton :):):)
  8. Demon

    Demon New Member

    You can now easily add and remove channels and packages online. You need to register online on the Tata Sky website from where you can then manage your account.

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