can i scan my computer through my laptop?

Discussion in 'Computer hardware and software tips and tricks' started by player, Mar 26, 2008.

  1. player

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    i have a desktop and a laptop, my desktop is infected with a worm known as nooh worm this worm disables the task manager ,you should be thinking that i should install a good antivirus but the problem is that when i try to install an antivirus or run any .exe file the virus closes that setup and when i try to run the setup again it says the setup is running already.

    so i wanted to ask that whether using my laptop i can somehow connect to my desktop using lan cable and scan my computer using my antivirus installed in my it possible??

    plz help
  2. aprilsagar

    aprilsagar New Member

    Tried online?

    Tried any online methods which scan your PC while connected to net, i suppose some sites offer that service, i dont recommend it as i never trust it. Although try connecting your laptop and desktop and it should be able to scan dektop memory from laptop via lan access.
  3. player

    player New Member

    internet is not working on my desktop!!!
    any other suggestions
    plz help

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