Can i access internet through DTH

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  1. skchorvadi

    skchorvadi New Member

    Hi frienda,
    Can i access internet through DTH ?
  2. Rameshjeee

    Rameshjeee Good to be Back

    Airtel are coming with this idea of providing internet through DTH.I am not sure when they will implement this idea.
  3. prasannaganesh

    prasannaganesh New Member

    ramesh do you mean the airtel live in their dth.
  4. Rameshjeee

    Rameshjeee Good to be Back

    I didn't get your point...Could you please be more clear...:)
  5. prasannaganesh

    prasannaganesh New Member

    In airtel dth , they provide a service called airtel live, did you mean that as internet.
  6. Rameshjeee

    Rameshjeee Good to be Back

    I don't know much about Airtel DTH.Its news to me that they are providing something like Airtel Live on DTH...
  7. prasannaganesh

    prasannaganesh New Member

    actually airtel live in airtel dth is just an interactive application, which will be downloaded from the source to the setup box.
    based on the options you select, it shows the info.
    its not like internet service.
  8. Preeti_20

    Preeti_20 Active Member

    internet through a DTH service is something new i have heard, so is it something actually going to happen or just news flying around?
  9. manojvecg

    manojvecg New Member

    hi this is manoj...
    i and my senior would like to do a mini project on direct to home internet..

    we gathered some information regarding direct to home technology .....

    actually the dth reciver can works in Ku band region.. and now a days Bluetooth internet is a famous one...and it also works in ku band.. then we got an idea that is can we implement direct to home internet..

    as per our knowledge it is the next boom in internet technology...

    we are going to start mini project on it...

    if any one have any idea regarding direct to home internet plz share ur ideas here.
  10. naveed

    naveed New Member

    It is Possible.

    It is possible to user Internet (Not free) through DTH ,first of all u should point the dish to some Transponders which provide *data packages*. And with the help of DVD Card on PC/Laptop u can use internet.
  11. manojvecg

    manojvecg New Member

    thank you naveed

    and how can i contact with internet service providers?
  12. rajan1311

    rajan1311 Just a member

    Oh it is...but it will be very very very very expensive to have internet via DTH as it would be rather expensive to send the data to the tower....this is more like satellite internet (kinda)...
  13. amoltil

    amoltil New Member

    yess but airtel is developing software for dth
  14. louise

    louise New Member

    yes but big but.. you will gonna pay for it..;)
  15. broadman

    broadman New Member

    Superb... need not have multiple connections at home:):):)
  16. just4kix

    just4kix Guardian Angel Staff Member

    Nowhere in the world is internet avaible via DTH. This is possible but not available.
  17. rsk11584

    rsk11584 New Member

    Internet via dth would mean via satellite,,, usually in my DISH TV we have interactive menu in which we can select options, but the DISH is primarily used only for reception and not broadcasting, and for internet I feel there should also be broadcasting facility in the DISH, LNB, .... But using DTH and a combination of various band LNBs, you can hook them up to a very big motorised dish and catch signals of other country TV networks this I wanted to do , but dont know when it would be practical for me to do .... ;( ;( ,,

    many ppl in india have done experiments with big DISH Antenna, and LNB and scanning at different directions and got many new channels its like searching for something unknown.

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