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Discussion in 'Voice over IP' started by kartikoli, Jun 1, 2008.

  1. kartikoli

    kartikoli New Member

    Is there any to way to call free or low cost to UAE through net?

    especially mobile in abu dhabi

  2. Masula

    Masula New Member

    As of now the simple answer is a big NO. Dont even dream of calling mobile numbers in UAE..... for free... AFAK..calling UAE is most expensive in all the GULF countries.....
  3. Admin

    Admin Administrator Staff Member

    The best way out is use computers at both ends and use skype or google talk for free :)
  4. rajan1310

    rajan1310 New Member

    not for UAE, internet is really expensive there......
  5. dinwal

    dinwal Guest

    I don't know how much do you pay currently but there are definitely some offers which are cheaper compared to others. If you told us how much are you paying I could have helped you better.
  6. cell phone

    cell phone Guest

    Mobile phones

    Hi, Friend

    UAE Free calling service is not available at any website, as other replies says it is one of the most expensive calling service from other countries. There are some other ways to call to UAE in a cheapest rates like net-to- phone which would cost you around Rs.5 per/m but Totally free service is not available Yet.

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