buy mac book pro or not?

Discussion in 'Laptop' started by sam9953, Oct 22, 2011.

  1. sam9953

    sam9953 New Member

    i am very much confused if i should buy a mac book pro 15 inch with 8gb ram or not. My other option is the dell 15R 2nd gen with 8GB ram as well. please tell me what are the pros and cons of buying a macbook and will i be able to play FIFA 12 on the mac book or not and what are the other problems i might face with a mac?
  2. meetdilip

    meetdilip The Wizard

    Mac got very less support in Indian scenario. Not many technicians are good / familiar with Mac and if something goes wrong, you may be looking for the correct person for ages. So is the case with drivers, many of them are hard to find. But if you are a Mac fan and would like to try, better choose Mac.
  3. essbebe

    essbebe LEARNER

    I could use a MAC laptop and MAC desktop cost about $2500 ( I asked where is the Hard disk etc ) and was told it is behind the display. (one piece ) a year back.
    Now I think HP or ACER is coming with a similar model.
    Once you try a MAC OS system, (most Professionals prefer it)
    You may not like Windows OS at all.

    You have given valid points. . In India , Windows OS systems ( cost advantage and widespread familiarity ) will continue to dominate for some more years in India.
    It was easy to service an Ambassador car and get spare parts cheaply, earlier, as even in small towns the mechanics were familiar with it.
    Now, of course the story is different.
  4. meetdilip

    meetdilip The Wizard

    Certainly. Similar to MAC, I would prefer to try my hands on some flavour of Linux too. The only thing that stops me is the drivers and games. Also don't want to miss some good software which I got used to. Those giveaways offered by various reputed software are nothing but making us get used to it that we will stick with them for ever.
  5. whitestar_999

    whitestar_999 Platinum Member

    yes you can play FIFA 12 on fact this is the first time ever FIFA Soccer franchise is being made available on the Mac.however this is more of an exception & almost all the top of line/heavy duty graphics/popular games are windows only.that is why most gamers never go for a mac.also with mac you will face problems with video files having ordered chapters or encoded using latest 10bit h264 codec(mostly anime/japanese animations)but if you don't watch these then no problems.also there are options to run windows 7 on mac if you must:
    Four Simple Ways to Run Windows 7 on Your Mac | Mac.AppStorm
  6. sam9953

    sam9953 New Member

    Well for me the case is that I just two things with my laptop : A good warranty and being able to play FIFA 12 but as you say that Fifa 12 is there on mac, now it is out of question but what about warranty of mac?
  7. just4kix

    just4kix Guardian Angel Staff Member

    A waste of money to buy an expensive Mac just to play FIFA 12. But then it is your money.

    When it comes to Windows, 8 GB memory is practically useless - at least at the moment.
  8. pinkypainter

    pinkypainter New Member

    MAC is very useful if you are using it for graphic but if you working more on documentation, Windows is better. For the support wise, if you have Apple store / Apple reseller in your country, that would be better. Or else, you have to communicate outside your country.

    Review your major usage of computer other than FIFA 12. Game can support at any computer.
  9. popper

    popper Member

    u ve 2 think again abt mac book pro..
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