BSNL WLL Unlimited internet@Rs.250

Discussion in 'Bsnl EVDO' started by vijayyy2008, Nov 6, 2007.

  1. vijayyy2008

    vijayyy2008 New Member

    Hai..guys ...bsnl provide a amazing service in rural and even in urban areas.
    This facility is only available, who are using WLL phones.
    Plan Details:
    monthly rent (for internet only) : Rs.250/-
    Phone Rent:Rs.120/-
    then you will get arond Rs.370 as your bill + your outgoing call charges.
    Bandwidth speed:144Kbps.
    I got this connection from 02/11/2007 and the speed is amazing...
  2. suvi

    suvi New Member

    That is only for accessing net on the cell phone, right? What is WLL, by the way?
  3. agent

    agent New Member

    WLL is wireless local loop like the one we have from reliance and where is this plan available is it available in haryana. And I need internet on PC that too unlimited.
  4. vijayyy2008

    vijayyy2008 New Member

    Wll "wireless loop line".. This facility is provided through Fixed Wireless Terminal.(WLL TARANG).
    it is available in all over india.
    also there is two options to get this plan.
    one is,...using the FWT and the tariff is above
    and the second one is similar to Relaince....!!
    Bsnl provide Datacard under monthly rental or outright purchase(Rs.3800), but this is suitable for laptops.
    I am in tamilnadu and got this plan at 02/11/2007..
    its speed is amazing. the main fact is ...,it is UNLIMITED.
    If you want more details,..just check BSNL Website..
  5. deepakkumarz

    deepakkumarz Guest

    I had applied for a landline connection in Perungudi Chennai.Landline is not feasible at my location and BSNL authorities said they will install WLL instead. I need unlimited internet as data card has lower rental it is cheaper. From where in chennai which customer center you procured the data card. I think very limited centers would be providing it.
    Also I dont see any option of enabling unlimited internet on WLL Tarang in bsnl website. Are they providing dial up in WLL Tarang with speed of 56Kbps and its costly Rs 16 per hour.
  6. bcdxer

    bcdxer New Member

    good news
    useful for us
    just i have applied for this connection
    I think very limited centers would be providing it.
    Also I dont see any option of enabling unlimited internet on WLL Tarang in bsnl website.
  7. vijayyy2008

    vijayyy2008 New Member

    i have no idea, whether BSNL providing Data card. They announced in their website. here check out this link....
    Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd- Latest News

    This facility is only for laptops. BSNL officials are very lazy loosers, they are simply telling that the facility is not there....:mad:

    and my internet plan is ....
    Unlimited internet @250-144Kbps..
    i got this facility in my existing WLL phone connection using
    the phone as a modemHUAWEI-T1ETS2288and also this facility is only available, where the MCU based coverage is there. if you got this connection, they will provide a Data cable and CD.

    i begged for this facility about 2 months in my area. they are very lazy,and even they dont know whether internet is available or not in WLL phone.:confused:

    you ask your local BSNL officials, if they tell its not exist, you may call or mail to consumer greviances. "Address and phone numbers are available in BSNL website"

    All The Best...:)
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  8. lokeshpurushothaman

    lokeshpurushothaman New Member

    bsnl wll

    hi vijay,
    is it really good comparing with broad band or is it like a speedy dial up connection. also how does the rent come to 120 for phone. is there any link which gives the landline rental option...
  9. noufal_m

    noufal_m New Member

    someone pls give settings to the high speed internet on wll tarang phone.[procedure]
  10. vijayyy2008

    vijayyy2008 New Member

    There is no settings for this Wll internet. First you have to get the Data cable and Driver cd for your WLL phone from local BSNL office(Your telephone Exchange). It is given at a free of cost. Remember you should have a WLL phone(not a regular landline). then apply by writing a letter to the Divisional Engineer of the local Bsnl Office.

    After a week they will give username and password to you. and both USE and PASS cannot be changed. The password is your phone number,. Username maybe your's (means' name who is registered to the phone).
    Now install the software in the driver cd and create a internet connection using the internet connection wizard in Windows XP. (like normal Dial-up)
    Here dial number is #777.

  11. player

    player New Member


    how the hell do i get a wll connection i have regular landline phone
  12. just4kix

    just4kix Guardian Angel Staff Member

    @player, The fact that you have a landline does not matter. You can still apply for and get a WLL phone. WLL phone service operates within a range of 25km radius. This is similar to wireless phones supplied by Reliance, Tata-Indicom, Airtel, etc.

    The speed provided by the WLL Internet is 144 kbps. It is called as High-Speed internet. It is not broadband. But for most practical purposes 144 kbps is good enough. Obviously you cannot get super speeds.
  13. noufal_m

    noufal_m New Member

    but they dont give the cd to me .only cable for it .
    why i increase the speed
  14. just4kix

    just4kix Guardian Angel Staff Member

    Can you please clarify exactly what you mean? If you are trying to quote from a previous post, please 'quote' it.
  15. noufal_m

    noufal_m New Member

    bsnl wll 144 kbps

    but they dont give the cd to me .only cable for it .
    why i increase the speed
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  16. just4kix

    just4kix Guardian Angel Staff Member

    OK. Please request for a driver CD from BSNL. Else do a google search for your WLL phone for drivers.

    I have not understood this statement:
    I believe that your internet speed on WLL will be 144 kilobits per second.
  17. xwhyz

    xwhyz New Member

    This looks promising, but how is the speed going, is it at least having a speed of 75 kbps, then it is really worth it, else, we might be browsing at the speed of dial-up!
  18. basilmabraham

    basilmabraham New Member

    I got the WLL connected in Trivandrum. The speed is pathetic. Can any one of you please let me know how to increase the speed or how to connect to get good speeds...What I am getting now is even less than normal dialup. (around 2.5 kbps). The speed is around 65kbps when the connection starts and then drops rapidly to around 2 to 2.5 kbps.

    Please help.
  19. vijayyy2008

    vijayyy2008 New Member

    Be sure dude you should have full signal strength otherwise internet speed gets reduced. my suggestion is , check the signal Stength before applying WLL phone.

    and i checked my internet speed by The Global Broadband Speed Test
    The result is:-
    download speed- 135kbps
    upload speed- 14kbps.
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  20. noufal_m

    noufal_m New Member

    in wll bsnl high speed internet
    my dial no is #777,but when i dial it it show some hardwarefailure.i thing some settings should be chanaged.pls help......

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