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Discussion in 'BSNL broadband' started by broadband_user, May 18, 2011.

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    I have a non-wifi (i think basic) modem on rent and wanted to purchase a bsnl wifi enabled modem.i dont know about their type-1 or type-2 modem,but i want a wifi modem.
    The modem costs 1800/- .I wanted to know whether they cut the deposit i had paid them and also the rent i was paying.
    My friend got this modem at 1000/- rupees.He said that they cut the modem price from the rent he was paying.

    But when i asked bsnl authorities,they said i have to pay full 1800/- rupees.
    So i wanted to ask do they really cut the deposit amount and the rent we are paying till this date.(I have connection since 3 years and have paid 50/- rupees rent per month.)How much will i have to pay ?
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    Do you want to own the Adsl Modem ( non wifi) almost free??
    SEE FAQ45: Frequently Asked Questions. Broadband


    Security Deposit can be adjusted.Modem to be returned on final disconnection of Broadband.
    wifi modem/router
    Are you compelled to purchase the 3-in1 modem/4lanport/wifi router.

    Rental not Possible ?
    Security deposit Rs 1000/= If you return ADSL modem in working condition Rs 500 will be adjusted .
    How many laptops with wifi facility you want to use ?

    Mention OS : Windows 7/Vista /XP/LINUX

    (E) recognise your modem here.
    Feedback ITEM wise.
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    Purely depends on the discretion of BSNL staff. In normal, since you paid for basic modem, the rent won't be adjusted on new modem. Security deposit if any can be adjusted according to the nature of BSNL staff.

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