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Discussion in 'BSNL broadband' started by Ravichang, Sep 5, 2008.

  1. Ravichang

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    Hi, I have a bsnl connection with type 2 modem (UTSTARCOM modem ) which has wifi feature. My desktop is currently connected to the modem using ethernet cable and i m not using the wifi. So, for security purpose i disabled WLAN facility on my modem and i have changed my network access key and have used WPA2 + PSK security along with AES encryption and i have also changed my SSID name to a different name from the default name.

    does this ensure protection against wifi hacking ?

    If at all i need to use the wifi then by using WPA2+PSK security will ensure security?

    Also how do i change my modem username/password to something different from the existing default values - admin/admin. when i go to modem homepage ( there is no option to change username and password. Can u guys please tell me how do i do it.

    Thank u. :)
  2. just4kix

    just4kix Guardian Angel Staff Member

    To change router password, check somewhere in sections such as "Tools", "Administration", etc.
  3. Ravichang

    Ravichang New Member

    Hey i will check on that. Thank u.

    But what about the first question about security, Can u answer that please.
  4. shriniketsarkar

    shriniketsarkar New Member

    Well actually even though you have enabled WPA2+PSK security password its not safe.
    There are methods which can reveal your encrypted password.
    Hence its never safe.And it never will be.
    Using a machine running linux we can get password after some research.
    It will not be nice to discuss all those things because it will not amount to an ethical talk.
    Anyways the best you can do is keep checking your usage on a daily basis .
    So that you can monitor of any unauthorized usage.
    Also keep changing your passkey often and use a passkey as long as possible.I mean use phrases which you can remember.
    Shriniket Sarkar
  5. just4kix

    just4kix Guardian Angel Staff Member

    There is no security that cannot be hacked. But if you read my "Wireless Security Primers" and going by the security that you have implemented, it should be sufficient enough. The key things are:

    - make router administration password long and strong (at least 10-15 chars with a helathy mix of uppercase & lowecase letters, numbers, special characters, etc.)
    - same thing applies to TKIP passphrase. Since passphrase is stored in the computer registry and needs to be entered first time only, make it really long - 40 chars or more.
    - do not use your name, names of immediate relatives, dates, house numbers, etc. in passwords
    - you can disable SSID braodcast
    - change the private LAN IP of wireless router from default ( to something else (unguessable) such as (always keep the last digit as '1')

    There are enough articles on password security on the net.
  6. kbx911

    kbx911 New Member not opening

    I want to change my wifi password, but when i go on to the ip nothing opens, not even an error page is displayed, i tried it both ways wired as well as wifi wireless, the page doesn't open. Earlier the page used to open, has BSNL recently changed its policy or something? I called 1504, the BSNL broadband helpline which no one picks up, so i called 1500, which i guess connects me to the nearest BSNL exchange, they told me to call 12678, so i did, there they told me that wifi password cannot be changed which is a total bullshit answer, anyway on further inquiry they told me that their engineer will call me back, i don't think that will happen, so i am looking for an answer here, how do i change my password for BSNL type 2 wifi router?


    well i was wrong, the BSNL engineer did call back, so lets see how this problem gets solved, then i will post back about it once it is done
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    may be he wants sms type replies ! ( limit to 10 words if possible !!)

    Also advised @moderator @admin to close/delete/ the thread.
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    Ya, saw the that thread after posting the link :)


    Wonder why you didn't like it. It can be very helpful.
  10. anil_kumar_

    anil_kumar_ New Member

    you change the password.. look below at the steps:

    1. Open internet explorer and type
    (usually for the first time the login and PW is admin and admin)

    If DSL router home page is not appearing, then you have call up BSNL people and i wish you best of luck to get the problem solved by them.

    2. Then go to: Management-> Access controls -> passwords

    3. Select the login id as "admin" and change with new password.
  11. just4kix

    just4kix Guardian Angel Staff Member

    Usually 99% of the home modem/routers have the internal IP address of But I have seen that some routers choose as the default address.

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