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Discussion in 'BSNL broadband' started by ds11222, May 28, 2012.

  1. ds11222

    ds11222 New Member

    I need your help.
    I am using BSNL combo 500 plan right now (with 1.5 GB usage, NIGHT unlimited, 175 calls, 2Mbps speed)
    I wish to switch to unlimited plan.
    I have heard about 625, 750, 850 etc plans
    Can you tell me their exact details as the BSNL website is not responding!
    And your suggestions are welcome!
  2. sarveshmotihari

    sarveshmotihari Tech Crazy!!

  3. ds11222

    ds11222 New Member

    Talking of BB Home UL 750 plan (512 Kbps), they say there would extra telephone rent as well?
    "WHAT" ???
  4. samit

    samit New Member

    As you were using 2mbps plan therefore in 625 , 750 u will not be comfortable...try any unlimited plan which is 2mbps or more i suggest you to go with 900ul with 4mbps with 8GB FUP and beyond that 512 kbps and it also gives you 400units of local / STD calls
  5. ds11222

    ds11222 New Member

    Sadly, its 256 Kbps beyond 8 GB.
    I would be done eith 8 GB in a week.
    Then it would be even more painful.
  6. sarveshmotihari

    sarveshmotihari Tech Crazy!!

    No. BSNL has changed the plan scheme recently. Now it's 4 mbps upto 8 GB and 512 kbps beyond..
  7. samit

    samit New Member

    ya it is 512 kbps beyond...and in all the broadband plans there is FUP in unlimited plan but some plans are are without FUP they are very costle...i think you should go with BSNL EVDO can sell your router to anyone(may be your relative or friend)and buy a evdo data card...ask sarvesh for more information
  8. ds11222

    ds11222 New Member

    I have changed the plan to BB Home UL 750 plan (512 Kbps).
    And its written there on the Portal as well.
    Can I start using unlimited internet?
    Or should I start from 1st of June?
    How would the billing be done for this month, MAY?
  9. ds11222

    ds11222 New Member

    And, are you sure about the 900 plan (the 512kbps after 8 GB)?
    If it is so, I should have taken that :(
  10. sarveshmotihari

    sarveshmotihari Tech Crazy!!

    Ya..900 plan gives 2 mbps upto 8 GB and 512 kbps beyond..
  11. ricky1001

    ricky1001 New Member

    Try the above link..The bsnl site is not down!!!
  12. bugs

    bugs Banned

    .i have used 625 plan .....Frankly speaking BSNL said speed upto 256KBPS BUT they gave only 25KBPS....

    Now why u r getting 256KBPS in 500 C ?

    bcoz the plan is speed upto 2MBPS [ i.e., the speed is only 256 KBPS ]

    My suggestion is don't go to UNLIMITED OF BSNL ....

    500C is more than sufficient bcoz they r giving 256KBPS sharply which the Private operators don't [ keep the word ]..
  13. vishnu

    vishnu Member

    combo bb is the best. unlimited sucks with speed
  14. teltia

    teltia New Member

    Sir our landline no. Is 01504222700 and we have a broadband plan and we hv got our password and userid bt hvnt got our portal id so plz can u tel us that hw cud we get our portalid and password.
  15. teltia

    teltia New Member

    My a/c use gb data
  16. tom.ken75

    tom.ken75 Banned

    BSNL's new 1 Mbps Unlimited Broadband Combo Plan – TPTS -799 comes at monthly rental of Rs.799 provides 10 GB data usage.
    Enjoy this offer provide by BSNL.
  17. maxsteel

    maxsteel New Member

    Please post link from BSNL site for this plan
  18. SaiGangadhar

    SaiGangadhar New Member

    Bsnl had increased speed of this unlimited plans.
    Now let me know u dat bb combo uld 850 is cheap and best plan Its Bandwidth allocation is :2mbps Download speed is:200kb/s and upload speed is:50kb/s.Now it gives 2mbps upto 8gb and 512 kbps beyond 8gb which means u can get 2mbps
    after using 512 kbps 8gb so enjoy!:cool: bsnl.png
  19. SaiGangadhar

    SaiGangadhar New Member

    625 plan is rather gud but it doesn't suit for people who want speed it has 512kbps bandwidth allocation for 2gb and 256kbps which u can download 2gb data for download speed:70kbps and after it becomes to 30kbps :D
  20. dhirajpatel

    dhirajpatel Banned

    You can try these plans

    Sl Plan Bandwidth Monthly Charges Download Limit (MB) Additional charges Rs./ MB Discounted Annual Payment Free Calls Free Modem / Commited period for free modem(Month) Projected Monthly Rental +Usage Charges(Rs) * (Excl' Tax) Security Deposit Action
    1 BBG FN Combo 599 upto 512 Kbps 599/- 4096 0.2/- 5990/- 200 Free Modem Not applicable 599 One Month charges Get Plan
    Change Plan
    2 BBG 700 Upto 2Mbps 700/- 4096 0.20 upto 5 GB, 0.10 thereafter /- 7000/- As per the existing Landline plan Free Modem NA 700 One Month charges Get Plan
    Change Plan
    3 BB Home UL 499 256 Kbps 499/- Unlimited 0/- 4990/- As per the existing Landline plan Free Modem NA 499 One Month charges Get Plan
    Change Plan
    4 BB Home Combo UL 625 256 Kbps 625/- Unlimited 0/- 6250/- 100 Free Modem NA 625 One Month charges Get Plan
    Change Plan

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