BSNL Unlimited Broadband Plan Tariff hike from 1st March 2013

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Do you think hike in tariff is justified ?

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  1. ramitzar

    ramitzar New Member

    BSNL is upwardly revising tariff of all its DSL wireline Unlimited Broadband Plans from 1st March 2013.The hike would be applicable for all new as well as existing subscribers.The speed limits, FUP & other terms & conditions of the respective Unlimited plans would however remain unchanged.The hike starts with Rs. 25 for lower plans.The limited plan users would be unaffected.
    Industry sources say the hike may be due to higher ISP licence fee that is being imposed by Government.
    Attachment : Revised Tariff chart Revised-tariff-BSNL-Broadband-Unimited+plans.jpg
  2. pshrinivasan

    pshrinivasan Member

    So far, there doesn't seem to be any notification in their website !
  3. krnikverma

    krnikverma Member

    BSNL is very costly in Broadband Service and still again they are increasing their price...the peoples in small town are unable to choose different service provoder because only BSNL is available....But in Large towns or cities peoples have choice to select another Service Provider...But still BSNL is the backbone of the Broadband Service.....They must have to decrease their tarrif charges.
  4. rtz_0625

    rtz_0625 New Member

    no notification yet..
  5. arrvvii

    arrvvii New Member

    yup its true! i got notification sms! and i checked BSNL chennai website! :( :(
  6. avinashchomal

    avinashchomal New Member

    No notification yet in UP
  7. krnikverma

    krnikverma Member

    Please visit BSNL's official website, they had mentioned the hike on their BSNL Broadband's tarrif page.
  8. kunalTG

    kunalTG New Member

    Very bad !!! :(
  9. sidd913

    sidd913 New Member

    I have alsoe heard about this tariff but didnt get any official notification.
  10. ramitzar

    ramitzar New Member

    Plan tariffs have been updated on their company site :
  11. just4kix

    just4kix Guardian Angel Staff Member

    Not always. Even in cities, there is not usually any choice, especially when wired broadband is concerned. I have a choice between BSNL, Hathway and YOU Telecom. Hatway and YOU telecom are private providers and providing broadband via rooftop cables. Both are less reliable and as much costly as BSNL. I have choices from Wimax such as Reliance Wimax. But I don't wish to go that way. Wired BB from the likes of Airtel, Reliance, etc. is not available because city corporation does not allow digging of roads to lay cables.
  12. boneless

    boneless New Member

    hello just4kix its been a long time since i had been to this forum....this a new trend i guess first fup and now the tariff hike. i spoke to the cc about the price hike and he gave me a lame excuse that it is because the price of "equipments" to provide and "maintain" broadband have gone up:eek: he further said that from now on the price of broadband is going to increase every now and then because the "cost" to "maintain" broadband keeps on increasing for them:p bsnl doesn't care if people buy their lame excuse or not they just are going to do anything at their will.
    if this is the kind of trend from now on then i don't see why in the near future bsnl will revert me back to my old speed of 256kbps for 1500 with a fup of 2gb post fup will be 64kbps:D lucky me will get relive the retro age:D

    it will be like system restore:D....going back to where you started from:D
  13. Admin

    Admin Administrator Staff Member

    Equipment required to provide broadband services cost a lot less now as compared to pervious years. Bsnl has probabbly gone hand in glove with private sector ISPs so they can increase their prices as well and expand to smaller towns and cities without reducing their profitability. This is what I believe. (Just my personal opinion). Some babus must have become rich in the process.

    Bsnl should actually keep their prices low in order to increase broadband penetration.
  14. nirmal7

    nirmal7 New Member

    very bad move by bsnl

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