BSNL Unlimited 3G Data Plan Now At Just Rs. 700

Discussion in 'Bsnl 3g' started by rameshp20, Oct 24, 2010.

  1. rameshp20

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    Pan India 3G mobile service operator Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd (BSNL) all set to triggering another price war before the launch next generation 3G Mobile and Data service by private operators.

    BSNL once again slashes the 3G Unlimited Data Plan cost up to 50% and introduced bucket of new 3G offers including Unlimited Prepaid/Postpaid Advance Rental/Payment Plans, Unlimited Free Data Download offer for its 3G Data customers and reduction of 3G data card price.

    Apart from the ground braking offer of Unlimited 3G Data Plan at just Rs700 per month, the operator also introduces Free Unlimited 3G data downloads for 7 days as a Festive Season offer wherein new 3G data card subscribers can access Unlimited Free High Speed Wireless Broadband up to 7.2 MBPS without any extra charges for 7 days from the date of activation.

    Unlimited 3G Data Plan At Rs700/ Month :

    BSNL introduces 3 new “Advance Rental Data Card Unlimited Plan” where in the effective cost of Unlimited 3G Data Downloads will be as low as
    Rs. 700/month. The new new 3G Data plan for Rs. 4200 comes with the validity of 180 days and provide Unlimited Free High Speed wireless Broadband 24×7 Home and Roam circle anywhere in India.

    While the new Data Plan-2500 comes with the validity 90 days while Plan-2000 offers Unlimited 3G for 60 Days.All 3 plans will be available to both prepaid and postpaid new connections.

    Unlimited Free 3G for 7 Days:

    All prospective 3G Data Card subscribers shall be entitled for one week Unlimited data download in addition to the existing freebies offered with new activation. The promotional Unlimited Free 3G data download facility will commence from the date of activation of 3G plan and after 7 days normal freebies of 200 MB will be also credited to the account of the prepaid customer as a Festival Gift. This facility is applicable to both prepaid and postpaid new connections.
  2. nakulbhambhoria

    nakulbhambhoria New Member

    plz reply

    can anybody tel me wen s ths plan gonna roll out in haryana.....?
    there s no mention of ths plan on bsnl website......
  3. mickey

    mickey New Member

    ^^Just yesterday i asked BSNL dealer in my place, he told me that 3G is for 1150/- per month.. for UL
  4. rushir

    rushir New Member

    That\'s true

    Yep that is true, only 4200 for 6 months. And for data card :

    3.6Mbps data card for 2000 Rs
    7.2Mbps data card for 2500 Rs

    Does that mean if we buy 7.2Mbps data card we will get that much speed? And what's the rate per month after 6 months?
  5. r.dyp

    r.dyp Member

    BSNL sells Teracom 3G modem, which is good but dialer software is buggy, better get one of Huawei or ZTE 3G Modem!
  6. mickey

    mickey New Member

    i dont knwo why people should buy a 3g sim connection when they can do the same for just rs 274/- with a 2g sim
  7. ramli7

    ramli7 Member

    Definitely they will regularize this amount for normal subscriber, within that period and no need to panic. Because nobody will pay more after enjoying at a particular tariff for six months.

    That's why now, I have opted for 2500 for 3 months (@ 833.3) and will again opt for 4200 for 6 months at the end of third month so that I can enjoy reduced rates for a total 9 months period ( excess 133.3 X 3 - 400 Rs. only.)

    This is what happened for EVDO tariff. During the end of March they have revised the tariff to 999 per month but offered 750 as promotional plan for registering before 1st April. But later on, they have fixed 750 as regular plan charges.

    Moreover, more 3G service providers will be competing with BSNL, within the next few weeks.

    If you are not getting other than Teracom from BSNL, you can get some good Huawei or Sierra cards from eBay India. Some cards.........

    It is better to go for 7.2Mbps or higher cards. If your tower is 7.2Mbps enabled, you may get upto 7.2Mbps depending upon all other influencial factors for wireless connectivity. 21Mbps cards may be useful for Docomo like networks.

    My BSNL 3G speed at Chennai review.........

  8. r.dyp

    r.dyp Member

    at present most of the BSNL BTS r powered with 3.6Mbps, and soon upgrade to 7.2Mbps will begin. So better invest on 7.2Mbps modem or higher speed. But check if it supports for GPRS/eDGE, otherwise u wll not no signal where 3G is nt present - with 2G support u can continue with internet connection at slower speed!
  9. gln1904

    gln1904 New Member

    I'm getting good signal with the 3G(over 95%), using a HSDPA 7.2mbps data card(Huawei E1750),sometimes my phone too(Samsung Corby Pro), still am not able to cross 3.4mbps on the BSNL 3G. Can anyone tell me why's that?
  10. ramli7

    ramli7 Member

    Though your card supports 7.2Mbps, your tower may be only 3.6Mbps enabled ( and not 7.2 ). Here in Chennai also 7.2 not enabled.
  11. gln1904

    gln1904 New Member

    but mate, when I first got this Sim card back in August, I used to get download rates from 500 KBPS to 1 MBPS easily(with IDM-Accelerated Speeds). But now, am only getting 150 KBPS- 450 KBPS. Looks as if the speeds have been capped. I got those speeds in my home @ Chennai as well as my hostel in Kumbakonam.
  12. ramli7

    ramli7 Member

    I hope you are aware of Kbps vs KBps and Mbps vs MBps.

    If your above references are only KBps and MBps, then how can you get 1MBps speeds. Even if your tower is 7.2Mbps enabled you will get only a maximum of 878.90 KBps speed. To get 1MBps speed your service should be 8.39Mbps enabled.

    Or I think only you have mentioned, approximately as 1MBps.

    However, which place in chennai you got that speed. May be their testing period ? :)
  13. gln1904

    gln1904 New Member

    I'm well aware of the distinction bro between bps and BPS. As I mentioned earlier, I use IDMan, which give me accelerated downloads. Even with 512kbps BSNL UL connection, I got speeds from 60-70KBPS which was more than the maximum 64KBPS. This was around August 20's and in Chennai, I reside in Anna Nagar area. As you said, it could be the testing period. I did get good speeds back then. And no disconnection problems were there. Now the connection gets disconnected every min if am dlng something
  14. sumanth

    sumanth New Member

    How come there are so many complaints of disconnection ? :(
  15. mickey

    mickey New Member

    well i dont face the disconnection problems.. though in the evening sometimes the 3G network goes pretty busier..
  16. sumanth

    sumanth New Member

    But there have been a steady flow of complaints of Disconnection, haven't they ?

    Just a lil apprehensive now
  17. ramli7

    ramli7 Member


    My modem will get disconnected when it reaches 82 / 84*C while downloading continuously at 3.5Mbps speeds, that too after 45 minutes. The details, you might have read in another thread.

    For the past one month usage, no disconnection for any other reasons. I am in the nearby area. :)


    Till now I am getting that speed with my 2nd AC 306 to be returned for replacement of K4505 ( waiting for ) ....few minutes ago at 3.44PM.....

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  18. gln1904

    gln1904 New Member

    There's only one problem. My modem is merely warm to touch and certainly nowhere close to the 83/84C hot. When downloading it gets disconnected every minute. And the worse thing? I've searched this forum completely, applied all the solutions offered(applying hotfix, auto-dialing connection etc), but none is working. What's worse? Now the speed has dropped to under 400kbps. dlng at some 30-40kbps :( and am having a signal strength of 96% or more always.
  19. sumanth

    sumanth New Member

    ^^ And you are using the E1750 buddy ?
  20. gln1904

    gln1904 New Member

    Exactly. It's only two days old, was fine till today morning, was pretty good yesterday and today morning and things started going out of control later. The speed drop happened around 5 today evening and still haven't picked up. The browsing speed is same, only the download speed is crap. And I know it's not because of the download servers because am using RS Premium account and thus have good server availability all times.

    It's now alrite, I mean the speed. The disconnection of course occurs but not so frequently. The speed is now averaging @500KBPS with IDMAN and RS Premium Account or any other Direct Linked Downloads. But beware of the disconnection issue when downloading only one file. I've multiple files that I queue, so that when it gets disconnected and reconnected auotmatically, IDMAN keeps on downloading. The same may not happen with single file.

    And it's been over an hour now since it got disconnected and reconnected.
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