BSNL: Strange Selfservice Update (Need Help)

Discussion in 'BSNL broadband' started by anand14may, Mar 24, 2012.

  1. anand14may

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    Hi All

    I placed a BB plan change request at my local BSNL exchange on 21/03/2012 and received a confirmation SMS from BSNL that ticket number has been created and I will get new plan soon. My current plan is: BB HOME COMBO 750 UL and I placed a request for BB HOME COMBO 850 ULD.
    Today I checked 'Selfservice' and it's reflecting 'Not provisioned' for both plans i.e. existing and requested plans. Request status is showing 'Cancelled'. My broadband speed has been increased from this evening and I am getting 1.5mps + speed. My IP also changed from 59xxx series to 117xxx series.

    Would like to request you all to help me understand the below mentioned points --
    Is it fine if I continue with my Movie downloads or should I wait?
    What does Status = Cancelled means in Selfserivce?
    Why both plans (existing and requested) are showing = Non-provisioned and I am still getting increased speed?
    Is there any impact of this on my billing? I am expecting max bill amount to be Rs.850 + taxes.

    I am attaching 'Selfserivce' service request screen for your ref. Thanks in advance to all.
  2. whitesky82

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    i will suggest call bsnl customer care and confirm the change of the plan. as for the movie download.. both plans are unlimited so it whould not be much a issues. as for billing u must contact support and confirm the same.
  3. anand14may

    anand14may New Member

    Some one please help....

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