BSNL Shocker - No more unlimited 2G / 3G Plans

Discussion in 'Bsnl 3g' started by dmellosd, Feb 14, 2011.

  1. dmellosd

    dmellosd New Member

    Can you believe this ....?
    BSNL apparently in all its infinite wisdom (???) will withdraw the unlimited 2G (Rs 274) and unlimited 3G (1499) vouchers.

    Existing customers will not get unlimited plans once their validity ends.

    The new recharge slabs read like a b-grade nightmare flick.
    2G - Rs 270/- for 6 GB (after which its 2 paise per 10 KB) and 3G - Rs 1500/- for 15 GB (after which its 2 paise per 10 KB). Now this is real madness.

    The BSNL site still shows the old slabs. However these new rates apply from Friday, Feb 18, 2011...

    Hoping against hope that this is not true and just a big rumor.

    The original bearer of this horrifying news is the site

    Praying ..... Praying..... Praying........ Let this be a big joke.
  2. sureshraj_mali

    sureshraj_mali New Member

    I guess this should not happen but If happens, I'll surely switch to some other provider.
  3. mickey

    mickey New Member

    where is the link-url? not give us complete url..
  4. ramli7

    ramli7 Member

    There are two categories in Existing customers.

    1. Regular customers prepaid /1499 and postpaid/1359 unlimited plan. For these customers, they will not withdraw or close their plan. They may be increased with a few hundred rupees, as in the case of EVDO done earlier 550 ---> 650 ---> 750. Not more than that.

    New customers for this plan may be withdrawn. BUT IT IS VERY REMOTE.

    2. Those who are under promotional offer of 2000/2months, 2500/3months and 4200/6months. Here also nothing to panic. If you verify the bills for these customers it will be clear.

    I am having 2500 / 3months plan which ends day after tomorrow i.e 17th Feb. The bill is prepared every month for 1359 and the differential amount with promotional and regular one is deducted as DISCOUNT. My plan has automatically changed to regular one ( 1359) wef from 18th Feb. for which the bill has already been received and payment made. From 18th to 28th charged for 533 ( at the rate of 1359 ).

    So these promotional offer customers will naturally become regular customers after validity period. :):)
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  5. ulysses

    ulysses Member

    what alternative 3g with better constant speed for Rs 1500/15GB?

    I spoke to Airtel in Chennai .The service is only in Chennai and coimbatore.
    They say in Flexi pack Rs 675 -1.25 gb -Max bill is Rs 2000 for 13 GB or so.modem is Rs 2400.

    I told them they need to give 5-10-15 GB data slabs for serious users.Also they say they will charge for data roaming!! Un thinkable right now unless BSNL changes the rules!

    If one is travelling type BSNL is the only choice in regional towns. recently my browsing speed in Srirangam ,Trichy was faster than my chennai speeds!!

    Still In Secunderabad,A.P, My flat is getting max 1mbps.(shadow area ) Already using a big pot/pan as an antennae (to keep the usb tethered phone)

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  6. ramli7

    ramli7 Member

    If Unlimited plans are withdrawn.....

  7. mickey

    mickey New Member

    oranges and grapes ? and thats a pan and thats a phone on it??:D
  8. abdeali

    abdeali New Member

    It is not officially conformed by BSNL, lets see after 6-7 days whether it is true
    or just a rumour. if it is true the happy days of unlimited downloading r gone
  9. abdeali

    abdeali New Member

    we will miss u. gone the happy days of torrent downloading. hd movies, games
    bye bye

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  10. net_addict

    net_addict New Member

  11. abhitp

    abhitp New Member

    Current GPRS plans

    Idea Rs98-2 GB
    Airtel Rs98-2GB
    Uninor Rs90-6GB
    TATA Docomo Rs95-6GB & Rs149-8GB
    BSNL Rs249-6GB!!!new ... WTF
  12. yawnlike

    yawnlike New Member

    Really? I'm paying Rs 450 for 600MB on Airtel. How do i get the 98 plan on postpaid.
  13. lakhwinder

    lakhwinder New Member

    from where you get this information about new plans ?
    not on bsnl website ?
    not in any news paper ?
    tell it dear .............$

    from where you get this information about new plans ?
    not on bsnl website ?
    not in any news paper ?
    tell it dear .............$
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  14. abhitp

    abhitp New Member

    for yawnlike,...
    You can see for further detail on Airtel site.
    Home>For Me> Mobile> Postpaid services> Services> Data services and then select "Mobile office - Monthly Internet"

    They have given procedure for activation OR simply visit near Airtel's center.
  15. ATHUL4R

    ATHUL4R New Member

    Except bsnl which one has good speed with no regular disconnection issue.

    coz after my 6month 3g unlimited ends i think i need to change to 2g Edge if bsnl guys will not give UL plans at affordable price.
  16. sandy_mzp

    sandy_mzp New Member

    "BSNL Unlimited GPRS Yojna AAJ (17Feb) samapt ho rahi hai-Jaldi recharge karen"

    Rs274 validity 30 days
    Rs699 validity 90 days
    Rs1299 validity 180 days
  17. asking

    asking New Member


    Hey guyz its confirmed they have changed their plan. Today i went to recharge 1500rs prepaid unlimited 3G Internet but i came back :( sad....

    everything gone away.....**** bsnl....u should not do like this...

    all 3G customer will move to some other providers.. .sooon....
  18. Abhi347

    Abhi347 New Member

    I purchased a 3G data card of BSNL with a 3G modem (Supports 21.1 MBPS)
    for a month it ran like a tornado speed, and then after I recharged it with Rs. 274, it slowed down to legacy speed of 10-50 kbps (Download speed).

    The connection shows poor or fair always, is there any problem of modem or it's due to this change??
  19. manish1234

    manish1234 New Member

    shock , bsnl 2g internet speed decrease

    now it is official news from bsnl that they revised their plans for 2g and 3g for internet
  20. meetdilip

    meetdilip The Wizard

    Link please...........

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