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Discussion in 'BSNL broadband' started by thedemon99, Mar 22, 2010.

  1. thedemon99

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    i registered my account with the bsnl selfcare portal here Loading Portal...
    i was supposed to receive the password to my email but its now been more than 5 hrs but i have not receive any mail from the bsnl portal
    i tried to register again but then it said this account is already registered
    also if anybody knows about this portal do tell me how it is useful to a broadband user
  2. essbebe

    essbebe LEARNER

    in the log in page tself it says , what you can do. (mostly telephone related )
    For broadband usage check etc , use as usual BSNL Portal
    For Hyderabad BB users new usage portal can be accessed ONLY from a similar selfcare page.

    try clicking in Log-in page "forgot password "
  3. anandsht

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    new users are not issued portal id and password by bsnl for checking usage on
    New users are required to register at respective self care portal for checking bb usage and other bb related things.
  4. is there any use in using self care portal
  5. bingbang

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  6. Saswat Nanda

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    BSNL customer care site -( the worst site I have ever seen.
  7. essbebe

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  8. essbebe

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  9. anandsht

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    BSNL selfcare portal

    Dear friends,
    Really the selfcare portals of BSNL are worst.Sometimes it does not open at all.Only yesterday,it showed java runtime error but after sometime it opened.
    many a times it shows 'No facility is availed yet"message.BB usage are not updated regularly.
  10. satish_j

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    Any chance of such a gr8 utility for users with Linux OS???Networx can only work on windows....
  11. meetdilip

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  12. vengeance

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    I Wholeheartedly accept what evryone said. BSNL SELFCARE Websites arent good and they suck. The Worst part is these SELFCARE doesnt even open well in Firefox or we cant login properly. I have complained to BSNL regarding this issue several months ago even now no response from them though.

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