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    In View of the competition from the other Mobile Service operators and in view to continue its best offers in industry, India’s National telecom Backbone and Mobile service provider Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd (BSNL) today revamped its GPRS/2G Mobile Internet offerings.

    BSNL has made bit changes and now its Prepaid and Postpaid subscribers will get more FREE Data Usage in monthly pack of Rs. 98 and some other 2G data packs.

    Now with BSNL Prepaid GPRS Pack of Rs. 98 customer will get the free data benefit of 3 GB with a validity of 30 days, with Rs. 219 you can enjoy 8 GB data download with a validity of 30 days whereas with Rs. 270 GPRS pack, you can enjoy downloading for 10 GB and with Rs. 555 free data usage cap will be 15 GB valid for 180 days.

    The revised 2G GPRS/EDGE Packs for Postpaid and Prepaid will be available in all telecom circles working effect from 1st June 2011.


    Source: BSNL Revamps GPRS Data Packs – Now 3 GB for Rs.98
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    You need to change the title to :

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    Agree. Was misled.
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    BSNL has to revise.. because people are fed up of these companies..
    specially after the UL catch of bsnl.. they have to do..
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    From 30.5.11 new plan of ( post paid )...

    Rs 700 for 2GB / month and additional charges Rs.100 / 1 GB ( 10KB Pulse )

    Chennai Telephones-
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    Whats the source for this information. Is it gong to be applicable in all zones?
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    Source is in the URL and header of web page linked.

    For other Zones respective members have to clarify... :)
  8. did anyone done recharge of RC from 1st june onwards..???
    if so, how much speed given by bsnl under this recharge.

    is there any issue of speed capping based on RC done (2G or 3G) like other operators(reliance gsm and docomo started this recently) doing...???
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    i think people will the former speeds...
    i didnt RC but i think only the quanitity has increased.. rest is same.. those who are getting 60kbps will get 60kbps. and those who get 512- 2mbps will get as before..
  10. it used to be like this like you said but its not the same.
  11. mickey

    mickey New Member

    you mean the speeds have lowered ??

    whats your circle??
  12. yes they have lowered. as i mentioned i got the same issue last month.
    last month's recharge got expired on 2nd june 2011. and my speed profile was automatically changed to 5Mbps.

    so i again did a 98RC on 2nd june 2011 evening, got 3GB.
    speed profile contd to be 5Mbps after recharge as well. then i browsed for 45 min and downloaded 55MB at 100KB/s of download speed. suddenly without disconnection, my speed of download reduced to 16KB/s. To check the signal strength, i maximized MDMA and to my surprise my speed profile was again reduced to 64kbps (UL) and 128kbps (DL) that too without disconnection :(

    so this means bsnl is also following the reliance 3G and docomo 3G suite of capping speed depending upon the recharge made (2g or 3G) :mad:
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    ^^well dude...
    for this we cannot do anything.. because? we are paying for 2G and playing 3G ... :D

    "Itne paise mein itnaich milenga.."
  14. rightly said...!!!
    but am i the only one facing this issue or this happening to other circles also.
    if its in my circle, then i would better get a bsnl sim from nearby circle and use it on roaming :D

    rightly said...!!!
    but am i the only one facing this issue or this happening to other circles also.
    if its in my circle, then i would better get a bsnl sim from nearby circle and use it on roaming :D
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  15. apurvesingh

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    same thing is happening in kolkata circle can we check our speed profile in bsnl 3g..plzz help
  16. ramli7

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    If you are using Huawei Data card, use Mobile Data Monitoring Application, to know your assigned speed profile. :)
  17. apurvesingh

    apurvesingh New Member

    MDMA not working with micromax data card.......
  18. it works only with Huawei data cards..!!!!
  19. apurvesingh

    apurvesingh New Member

    once the plan is over speed profile will remain same...or it get back to its 3g values........
  20. @ ^^

    it becomes what bsnl gives for 3G

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