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Discussion in 'Bsnl Mobile' started by itsmemad, Oct 9, 2010.

  1. itsmemad

    itsmemad Alligator

    I've a BSNL Cellone Mobile connection. I would like to speak to the customer care. Also, I would like to check the balance of the pre-paid connection. Could you please let me know the customer care number of BSNL Cellone Pre-paid department? What is the code to check the balance for this sim card?
  2. mickey

    mickey New Member

    *123# should work though.. ( i am not using bsnl from quite alot of time.)

    number of customer care is not working and noone knows it.. old number was 9400024365
  3. scoobz

    scoobz New Member

    to know the balance....
    u can use the code *123# and send.
    You can also call 123 to check your balance.

    The customer care number is 9400024365.
    but u have to wait for 7-8 mins to be attended by their Staff.

    *123*1# for left SMS in ur SMS pack.
  4. mickey

    mickey New Member

    the number is really working?? but somedays back i called on it and it said the dialled number doesnt exist..
  5. vkgopivk

    vkgopivk New Member

    bsnl customer care

    call 1503 for mobile querys from bsnl mobile(exclusive for mobile)
  6. mangang

    mangang New Member

    1503 doesn't work in Northeast India.
  7. mickey

    mickey New Member

    Recently, i talked to reliance guys after thirty minutes of waiting. So i guess its a problem with everyone.
  8. newlink

    newlink New Member

    Bsnl broadband customer service poor in kolkata for unlimited 499 scheme, no one will even answer your phone complaint, speed very low most of the time lesser than 70 kbps but shown as [512 Kbps upto 4 GB, 256 Kbps beyond 4 GB in their charts].
  9. maxsteel

    maxsteel New Member

    First of all You bumped a thread of 2010

    Second your speed is ok. The speed that you are getting should be 70KBps not 70kbps
  10. newlink

    newlink New Member

    Thanks for reply

    I have rechecked online for checking bandwidth which displays

    DownStream: 61.4 kbps

    Typical Dialup 28 kbps 28 kbps
    Best-case Dialup 56 kbps 56 kbps
    GPRS 76 kbps 76 kbps
    ISDN 128 kbps 128 kbps
    Standard DSL 256 kbps 256 kbps
    EDGE 384 kbps 384 kbps
    Satellite 400 kbps 400 kbps
    T1 1.54 Mbps 1581 kbps
    Cable 3 Mbps 3072 kbps
    T2 6.16 Mbps 6312 kbps
    Your Speed 61.4 kbps

    You can download @ 7.68 KB/sec

    Is it still ok ?
  11. maxsteel

    maxsteel New Member

    please post your modem screenshot of snr and attenuation values
  12. arunjib

    arunjib New Member

    Thank you. It was very helpful for me....

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