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Discussion in 'Bsnl 3g' started by andromeda, Apr 7, 2010.

  1. andromeda

    andromeda Member

    I have purchased a new BSNL prepaid 3G SIM .

    what settings I need to surf in my sony ericson P1i ?Can you please provide me the settings. I don't find it in the internet.

    Whats the minimum data plan I need to top up in KOLKATA for prepaid? ( I won't use the phone for calling...only for net access)....I saw the table in the site but its very much, can you please tell me the minimum top up plan to start with ?
  2. essbebe

    essbebe LEARNER

    Mention the cellphone model you use.,
    if intended use is with cellphone.
    Have you accessed GPRS or 2G earlier ?
  3. ramli7

    ramli7 Member

    Hi Andromeda,

    BSNL Home page - click 3G - refer table no 3.4 Data Top ups

    Rs.109 - 100MB / Rs.225 - 300MB / Rs.260 - 500MB / Rs 325 - 1GB. :)
  4. andromeda

    andromeda Member

    Model: Sony Ericson P1i

    Yes. I used this phone for Mobile Office GPRS service of Airtel

    I am looking for BSNL 3G settings . Please note, I am from Kolkata circle.

    Vendor has taken 59 Rs + 120 Rs + 55 Rs =234 Rs ....and told me that I can surf net .
    when I do , *123# in my set I see the balance = 0 this normal ?

    Can I test surfing now ?

    However, Can you please provide me the settings so that I can try with ?

    Is this for all zone ? I'm from kolkata zone basically.

    Can you please provide me the settings ?
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  5. ramli7

    ramli7 Member

    Hi anromeda,

    The top - up plan is common for all.

    Rs.59 - cost of the sim. + Rs 120 -prepaid general plan.(table 1.1.3 usage value Rs.20) + Rs55 - recharge voucher (table 1.2 usage value Rs.35)

    So total value now u can use Rs.55 at the rate of Rs.0.01 / 10KB. You can surf around 55MB value! Start surfing!

    I haven't used 3G. Only EV-DO Rev.A data card.:)
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  6. andromeda

    andromeda Member

    Can you please provide me the settings ? I tried with APN = bsnlnet

    But this seems does not work.

    Is that a correct settings ?

    Can you please let me know the details ?
  7. pc123

    pc123 New Member

    I have purchased BSNL 3G SIM card which charged around 179 (59 - SIM Price + 120 FRC). After activation of SIM card, I recharged with Ra. 222. I am from Maharashtra region.
    But I didn't get any data in my SIM card yet and so unable to browse internet on my mobile. :(

    Please help me to understand the procedure of how to start using 3G on mobile. Please let me know GPRS activation is mandatory???? :confused:
  8. mickey

    mickey New Member

    i dont know what happens with sim at your place.. but in my place, sims are pre net activated..

    if yours is not activated, send sms to 5733 with words BSNLPRE
  9. New Member

    this is what has come in BSNL website :

    How to access BSNL Live?

    Before you access BSNL Live you need to have correct settings in your mobile. You may get these settings in the following manner. (FAQ's on 'On Demand Video / movies..')

    a) All the settings required to access BSNL Live & avail different services on BSNL Live will be pushed to your handset by BSNL.

    b) You can also ask for the settings by sending <make> space <model> of your handset to 58355 by SMS e.g. <Nokia> space <N79> to 58355. After you send the SMS you will in response get several settings on your handset viz. 'bsnl live', 'bsnl stream', 'bsnl mobility' etc.

    c) You may also call BSNL Customer Care Center to know the settings.
    Once you get all the settings, you will have to save them. Out of theseseveral settings the one pertaining to BSNL Live (will appear as 'bsnl live') should be saved as default. In some handsets the word 'Bookmark' is uesd instead of default. Thereafter whenever you want to access BSNL Live you will have to click on your Web browser in your mobile; the 'BSNL Live' bookmark will be visible to you and clicking on it will lead you to the Welcome page.


    i have SE XPERIA X10 and the sms didnt work for me as they said "format error" every damn time. so i went to the service center, even they couldn't find my phone in their list and gave me some mobile no to sms to and say my 3G doesn't work. i sent sms twice to him and then just called him. he told me to do as follows:

    i had to delete all the APNs first. then make a new one with Name and APN both as "bsnlnet" and make no other changes, i repeat, absolutely no other changes! then save it and switch off the phone and switch it on again and....wala! it works like a charm ;)

    and i purchased the 4200 Rs. unlimited plan for 6 months which works for me pretty well.
    Down Speed ~ 2.8 mb/s
    Up Speed ~ 1 mb/s
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  10. abhishek89

    abhishek89 New Member

    So you must be getting a download speed around 350KBps and an upload speed around 125KBps..right??
    where is ur place??
    I am also planning to take the same plan.
    Will I be getting the same speeds??
    How is the speed factor decided??

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