BSNL offering free landline with Broadband Connection

Discussion in 'BSNL broadband' started by Parminder, Mar 5, 2006.

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    BSNL offering free landline with Broadband Connection
    State owned Telecom Company BSNL has been losing customers of their telecom services ever since the private operators entered the market. The company now plans to strike back as they have decided to offer free landline phones for customers opting for their broadband services.
    The company hopes that they would lure back a lot of users with this new offering as the demand for broadband connectivity is increasing phenomenally in the Indian market. Consumers are not interested in paying for something they do not plan to use and this has made BSNL offer the telephone connection for free without any rental along with the broadband connection.
    This scheme is expected to be launched across the country in the coming months. The reports coming in say that the consumer would be required to pay a single activation charge, which is likely to be Rs 100. Rentals are expected to be either minimal or simply zero and the consumers would be required to pay only the costs of the phone calls.
    BSNL currently offers broadband packages with costs varying from Rs 250 to Rs 3,300 for the home users. For the corporate users, the packages start from Rs 700 and go up to Rs 9,000 per month depending on the bandwidth.
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    Free Second Telephone

    I am a broadband user.For getting a second free telephone --To whom shall I apply and what should be the content of application
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    Long back the BSNL people contacted me over phone offering the free telephone connection. They said somebody would get in touch with me again but nothing has happened even after 4 months. So you have to wait.

    In the meantime, i wud suggest the BSNL first concentrate on improving the service of Broadband and make it free from freqauent disconnection. Any free offer will not compensate the sufferings faced by broadband users due to frequent disconnections.
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    You should have paid more than Rs 1000 telephone usage per month/ for the past six months to get the free telephone. Go the Telephone exchange and get new telephone.
    Basically, since the line is already there, they allot you a new number, which you can utilise as a Private number.
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    enqiry about new connection


    i m living in ghaziabad , i want to take broadband connection , so pls give details of your new plan actually i want to use at my home.

    kapil dev

    H.No-85 marium nagar ,nandgram
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    Hi Kapil dev,
    You got it all wrong mate.. its not bsnl who runs this place.. its people like you and me who try to help each other here and this message of yours wont do any good to you so you need to go to the official site or the nearest exchange to apply for your connection.
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    NEver BSNL

    Never go for BSNL - customer service is horrible
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    i want to get a landline with broadband. what is to be done?

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