BSNL modem with wifi?

Discussion in 'BSNL broadband' started by falcon65, Aug 13, 2012.

  1. falcon65

    falcon65 New Member

    Hi. I want to get BSNL ULD 750 connection for my desktop. I also want to use internet on my phone and laptop through wifi but i'm not sure if the BSNL modem has inbuilt wifi. Do i need to buy a router separately or the modem provided by BSNL already has wifi?
    Also, what download speed should i expect from ULD 750?

  2. sunny_dole

    sunny_dole New Member

    Two options for you

    1. Get BSNL portable wifi, huawei E560 portable hotspot, or Alcatel Y280 portable wifi. Last two are unlocked any SIM will work. Problem is low range.

    2. Get a BSNL modem and a WI FI router like ASUS RTN13U vB1, Dlink WIFI router, or TP link. ( I am currently using ASUS router with Tata Photon Plus. This will provide you good range.
  3. paul.1911

    paul.1911 New Member

    get a type 2 modem from bsnl it has 4 wired lan & wireless too cost 1600. but the range of this wifi is not good works under about 30ft of range but speed will be as per your plan. 750ul has 512 kbps which means 64 KB/s, you can except 60.
  4. falcon65

    falcon65 New Member

    thanks for the info guys. can you tell me about the bsnl type I modem?
  5. paul.1911

    paul.1911 New Member

    Type 1 modem cost 1000 and u can connected only one pc or laptop and have no wifi.

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