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Discussion in 'Bsnl 3g' started by karankh, Jun 10, 2011.

  1. karankh

    karankh New Member

    hi fds,, i m using bsnl 2g sim in micromax mmx 352g usb dongle,,
    sim is 2g but dongle catch 3g signal ,,
    it gave speed of 500kbps but
    only for 2 days in my area after that downloading speed is reduced to 25 kbps though signal strentgh is good.
    i cant understnad the problem as speed some times becomes very slow..
    what should i do?

    >>change my sim to 3g?? (bt i dnt think this wil wrk coz its already catching 3g signal)

    >>use softwares like mdma (i dnt knw any thing about mdma)

    so just help me guys.....
  2. sureshraj_mali

    sureshraj_mali New Member

    Don't expect 3G speed in 2G SIM, you might have got 3G speed but since its a 2G SIM you can't expect anything more than 256Kbps, i.e. 18-20KBps download speed. The speed is capped in 2G, the only solution is convert your SIM to 3G. By default every SIM shows 3G network. MDMA is just a tool to analyze, its not something that will help in increasing or decreasing speed.
  3. karankh

    karankh New Member

    thnks sureshraj but....

    thnks suresh bt i have one more doubt .. If i convert 2g sim to 3g bsnl then stil 2g packs wil be applicable on that sim such as pack of 98 or 27o .. Coz i hav heard that other wise 3g packs are very expensive.. My need is 3-5 gb/month bt high speed and expense max 3oo-4oo rs .. Do guide me
  4. gauravgtm

    gauravgtm New Member

    @ karank, The thing is that No doubt the speed of 2G sim has been capped, previously everyone used to get 3G Speed on 2G Sim, now BSNL has become smart seeing othe competitor rising up they removed unlimited plans and noe capping speed of all users those who recharge with 2G pack, thsi is normally done by Squid Servers placed in BSNL network.. I've been lucky still geting 3G Speeds on 2G.. wait for some time may be BSNL resets there server for some modifaications and again U'l start getting same speed as it has happened many time in past and I'm the witness or else go for 3G plans.. Docomo 2G under UMTS is also a good option, though the bandwidth will be same as BSNL 2G but browsing will be smooth for sure....:D
  5. thewowimages

    thewowimages New Member

    Hey Before moving from 2G to 3G you may need to confirm plans.

    b/c BSNL 3G plans are too much expensive

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