BSNL Launches Unlimited Broadband Plan at Rs. 499

Discussion in 'BSNL broadband' started by aktmnr, Sep 3, 2010.

  1. aktmnr

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    In attempt to provide Broadband Internet connectivity at affordable rates, Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd (BSNL), one of the leading Broadband and total telecom service provider, today announced the launch of a new Fully Unlimited Broadband Home plan at just Rs499.

    Presently the new plan is available in Karnataka telecom circle and it will be launched in Kolkata and all telecom circles across India with in few days except Andhra Pradesh circle wherein similar plan is available at Rs399

    BSNL’s DSL Home Unlimited Broadband-499 plan comes at monthly rental of Rs499 (annual payment of Rs4990) along with High Speed Broadband connectivity at 256 Kbps.

    BSNL provide always ON, faster Connection with dedicated bandwidth of minimum guaranteed 256 Kbps on its ADSL2+ technology. With the Triple Play BSNL Broadband, subscriber can talk on phone and surf Internet or play on-line game at the same time.

    BSNL’s truly Unlimited Broadband plan comes without any Fair Usage Policy (FUP) over the data cap. The new promotional broadband plan offer will be available upto 30th November.
  2. meetdilip

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    Thanks. Source please...
  3. aktmnr

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  4. essbebe

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    ]The new promotional broadband plan offer will be available upto 30th November.
    not listed so far, in Bsnl.Karnataka site.
    wait for festival offers Dasara and Diwali ( Deepavali )
  5. param_nokia

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    thanks for the great news
  6. matrix

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    What is the difference? 499 + 180 ( rental) = 689 + taxes, right? may be beneficial as a home 500c user not aware.
  7. meetdilip

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    Good news. Rep + :)
  8. scoobz

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    AAAAH again this shitty speed of 256Kbps crap.
    I am in India now.earlier when i was abroad i enjoyed blazing speeds of 24Mbps and now I feel like moving on a bull-cart.GAWD!Please ask BSNL to upgrade the speed atleast ask them to get around 5-10Mbps speed and unlimited.
  9. meetdilip

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    I know many users who are waiting for an unlimited plan for less than Rs. 500 due to budget problems. You can get an 8 Mbps connection for Rs. 2500. The more you are willing to pay, higher will be your speed.

    This may help

    Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd.
  10. scoobz

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    thanks meetdilip but i want to know a particular reason that why there is so much scarcity of bandwidth in India?I mean even in African countries you wont see ISPs having any scheme like LIMITED USAGE.
    I am not going against India but.India is a developing nation and if u take example with anyother county like for say China they provide you 4Mbps unlimited for 700INR*/month and without any FUP or limitation.
    Why do we have Limited Usage plans in India and whats the government getting from it?
    India has many competitors in every field say mobile networks or broadband facilities but still we cannot get something which we need severely for a fair price?
  11. meetdilip

    meetdilip The Wizard

    You are right. It is high time for private players to do something on this issue. BSNL as usual will follow. :(
  12. scoobz

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    Well afaik private players always have some hidden cost inside their plans or they have this weird(*) sign which means conditions apply and when u scroll down the page to know what it means then you get to know what all false games the can play to fool their customers.
    Thinking for several days I (myself) came on 2 points which could be the reason that Indian ISPs are not providing Unlimited usage with high bandwidth for a cheap price.

    1.Indian government is scared if,its made cheap then every Indian will download each and everything on hard drive and will never spend any penny on optical media.
    2.Indian ISPs are not well equipped or trained to provide their customers with high bandwidth and UL usage may be they dont have enough severs to take care of.

    Could be any reason you guys are more talented and experienced with this thing.You guys must be having a good or exact answer.
  13. ajai5777

    ajai5777 New Member

    Piracy may be also one reason.We use everything pirated here; from OS to games.Also DVDrip movies etc.If higher bandwidth at unlimited is achieved,piracy will go heavy.
  14. Rcom

    Rcom Guest

    "High Speed Broadband connectivity at 256 Kbps."

    who support this statement? when 256 is considered high speed? these days GSM network carry that sort of speed, BSNL is still Under The Rocks! and will there for ever.
  15. talktoanil

    talktoanil New Member

    your RCOM is above the rocks looting its customers.check your RIL threads. be it RIL phone networks, RIL USB net ..they just loot people.
    BSNL even if its 256 kbps , is all over india and esp remote villages. where does your RIL stand ?

    dont just troll, do something real good for the nation.
  16. vijaykhairnar

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    It is because Per Capita Income in India is very less comparing to western countries.


    Per Capita Income in United States $ 37,500
    Windows 7 Home Premium $160

    Per Capita Income in India $ 2,880
    Windows 7 Home Premium $160 (Rs. 5200)

    This is the reason why western country people don't need piracy.
  17. talktoanil

    talktoanil New Member

    i think i belong to US lolzzz :)
    i have Windows 7 Ultimate edition :) legal :)
  18. ajai5777

    ajai5777 New Member

    i too have Windows 7 Ultimate edition :p

  19. talktoanil

    talktoanil New Member

    1st i was using pirated and playing CS game online on steam but when it used to show sudden pop-up esp when in online match about pirated OS. and one day i just got too much fed up by those pop up and i landed buying the legal OS. however i used the offer which came in pop-up and hence got it real cheap for 6800/- and after i placed order , i got activation key and after 15 days a DVD pack from MS which is having 32 and 64 bit OS.

    so this is my story :) whats your story ? :)
  20. cool_techie_tvm

    cool_techie_tvm Amor vincit omnia

    Offtopic: I do not know whether the poster is trolling. But I too have faced countless issues with Reliance Communications. The latest one is funny - they will not allow me to migrate my postpaid mobile connection to prepaid. According to them, they will cancel my number and allocate a new number to me i.e. if I wish to migrate to prepaid. So much for being a loyal subscriber for the previous three years and that too with the 770 UL plan :(

    I opted for Reliance Broadnet connection some years back. As a part of some limited time promotional offer, I got everything for free (modem and landline). However, despite the fact being that their DSLAM is situated in the building next to my premises, the link light never stayed stable. Back then I greatly liked their speed on demand feature. Alas, I had to give request for disconnection within a month. And guess what, they did not come back for the landline or the modem!

    Am not trying to bad mouth this particular organization. Yet, these are my experiences with Reliance Communications! In simpler terms, this is one company whose services I would not be touching even with a 10 foot pole!

    Kudos to BSNL for introducing such plans!

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