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    How to cheak the free calls in bsnl
  2. just4kix

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    There is no utility. I am afraid that this is no go.

    But with call rates dropping so sharply, you should not bother much. In case you are worried, here are some tips:

    a) Restrict all local calls to 3 minutes. 3 minutes = one call or pulse.
    b) Conversely all local calls are rounded to the next higher multiple of 3. For example, a call of 1 minute = 1 pulse, 2 minutes = 1 pulse, <= 3 minutes = 1 pulse, 4 minutes = 2 pulses, <= 6 mins = 2 pulses, and so on ...
    c) NSD (national subscriber dialing) rates are mostly Re. 1 per minute but this may change.
    ------------------------- IMPORTANT -------------------------------------
    d) For within state dialing, i.e., dialing with a prefix of "95" is not a local call. This is still an STD call. Many people think that this is a local call.
    e) ISD call vary by country. Check the pulse rate.
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    you can find the same in your bill.
  4. essbebe

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    1.Last reported available in West Bengal circle. Contact CC.
    You will get the present meter reading and
    calculate the calls used. till date.

    2.Even BB usage the free quotas is deducted
    from the final usage data. at the end of the month.

    3.If you contact any Public Telepone booth operators, they
    use meters to check total calls made. Get details from them

    4.I have seen a Beetel telephone which displays
    the number of calls made.
    Not sure how STD/ISTD was metered.
    Try Google search for model number/ details etc.

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    Now with BSNL landline for NSD
    pulse is of 2 mins (Re.1/2min) for calls to Landline
    pulse is of 1 min (Re1/min) for calls to mobile

    as per the new directives of TRAI, the 95 dialing system is no longer valid. it is mandatory to use the STD code.

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