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Discussion in 'BSNL broadband' started by pesakki, Mar 25, 2008.

  1. pesakki

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    the broad band usage for new bb users of bb service is now available in BSNL - Broadband Account Management for billed usage and for free down load usage seperately ie with split up details for free download and for billed usage
  2. codemenot

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    ya.........finally................great relief!!!!!
  3. gsriramrbp

    gsriramrbp Guest

    check usage

    hi...i cant able to check usage.........plz...portal id is same as our user id me
  4. nsss

    nsss Guest

    I want to check my usage of broadband
  5. id6432222138

    id6432222138 Guest

    brodband usage and process of change of password

    pl. send the detail, how can i cheque my usage a/c and how can i change my password?
  6. Jacksparrow

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    ppl plz don't confuse with portal id and user id....

    both are different...

    to get the poral id (14 digit) contact BSNL officials (better directly contact JE) ...

    once you log in you have options
    --> to change ur password
    --> view usage details ( also u can export the same to EXCEL)

    log on to using portal id

    options available in the portal :
    View Your Profile
    Change Your Portal User ID
    Change Your Portal Password
    Track Your Portal Order
    View Your PostPaid Usages --> to view usage
    Change Your PostPaid Service Password

    hope this may be useful :)
  7. meetdilip

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