BSNL home 500 and home COMBO PLAN?

Discussion in 'BSNL broadband' started by iniesta, Dec 16, 2007.

  1. iniesta

    iniesta New Member

    seriously, when i look at the taarif table provided, i can't understand what is the big differences between normal Home 500, and Home 500C, and Home 500C+. is it for the additional free calls for combo?
  2. xwhyz

    xwhyz New Member

    There is one major difference that you have missed and that is with HOME 500C your download/upload limit is only 1.5 GB while with 500C+ it is 2.5 GB. This is a very major change i should say. Instead they are offering more free calls in Home 500 C of 175 free calls and 500C+ has only 50 free calls. Both the scheme does not have addtional phone rental, which is a great bargain you get in this plan.
  3. iniesta

    iniesta New Member

    what's the big deal with extra 1Gb space?
    a single vcd-cam quality video could used all the 1Gb space.
  4. xwhyz

    xwhyz New Member

    I could not interpret on what you are trying to say here. Are you telling that we will get 1 GB space on our hard disk from our ISP or what. That 1 gb is for download and upload limit given by an ISP. 1 gb is a decent amount to download and upload, most of the users in BSNL are still using that 1 gb account only for the whole month, then you can know that.
  5. iniesta

    iniesta New Member

    that's what i mean...
    sorry for the miscommunication.
    downloading movies torrent file is normally 700Mb-4Gb.
    so with that amount given, i'll be using up to limited 1Gb if i download a single movies.
    the situation is different if i've been given 1Gb limit PER DAY.
  6. icar

    icar New Member

    Landline tariff in Home 500C
    Is it oneindia plan or regular plan?
  7. sharks_me

    sharks_me New Member

    cut the crap .. if u wanna download movies or other stuff u hv 6hrs to do tat in ne night unlimited plan
  8. Blazer

    Blazer New Member

    If you are looking for high usage plans then i would say you to go with unlimited plan and as your question with 1 GB free well if you would have to pay for that then it would be some 700- 800 extra.
  9. abdulshakeel

    abdulshakeel New Member

    Confusion of landline

    If i have a onesided landline connection (only incoming i.e. sulabh) & if i am requesting for home combo 500 plan.Will I get the free calls provided in the plan or I will not get any calls
  10. shriniketsarkar

    shriniketsarkar New Member

    I feel the best will be that opt for the Home 500 plan which includes ur normal existing calling plan and 2.5 gb limit.
    That will be best cos u will have an option to bifurcate the phone call bill and the BB bill very clearly.
  11. abdulshakeel

    abdulshakeel New Member

    Request for help

    Thanks for ur suggestion Mr. Shriniket Sarkar
    But I think home combo 500 is a better plan.first of all I get 2mbps bandwidth,no landline rentals,175 free calls that can cut my mobile bills,1.5 gb of surfing which is quite sufficient for surfing so that i can check out what to download in the daytime & download in the night.
    So can u tell me whether i will get those free calls in my SULABH connection.So that I can continue with my old connection Or I should change the plan before applying for broadbnd connection.And you also know it is qiute difficult to get a work done in BSNL
  12. shriniketsarkar

    shriniketsarkar New Member

    Well but i still find that keeping the BroadBand plan and the regular calling plan different so that it may resolve many issues......
    though u will opt for the plan that u stated just above the BB calls will also be included in the Bill this is what i had come to know from the BSNL personal.
    He said that in the 500Combo plans the calls are chargeable even for loging in .
    hence he had suggested me that go for Home 500 with 2.5 GB day usage and night free and keep ur existing plan for calling.
    hence it seperates everything.Rest is up to u.
  13. puchu

    puchu Member

    home 500(Rs 500/month)2mbps=(2.5 GB download+upload limit) + (2-8 AM free hours) + no free calls
    home 500C(Rs 500/month)2mbps=(1.5 GB download+upload limit) + (2-8 AM free hours) + 175 free calls
    home 500C+(Rs 600/month)2mbps=(2.5 GB download+upload limit) + (2-8 AM free hours) + 175 free calls

    My suggestion,go for home 500 if you keep your PC online day and night like a server.
  14. infoinn

    infoinn New Member

    I would say opt for home 500c as it the best plan of BSNL for home user and callers. As far as BSNL officials are concerned, at many BSNL exchange where Broadband are handled at city level{small places exchange} they don't have the details for home 500c and 500c+ on their PC{official}. They have to call at the senior exchange if any user ask for these plans. So to escape form the load of calling etc they suggest users to opt for home 500 plan which are still available at small exchanges officials computers.

    Yes you will get all the free calls as suggested in the 500c plan only in Rs.500 and taxes.:)

    Written by "bharatgourabdas",
    home 500(Rs 500/month)2mbps=(2.5 GB download+upload limit) + (2-8 AM free hours) + no free calls
    home 500C(Rs 500/month)2mbps=(1.5 GB download+upload limit) + (2-8 AM free hours) + 175 free calls
    home 500C+(Rs 600/month)2mbps=(2.5 GB download+upload limit) + (2-8 AM free hours) + 175 free calls

    i have to correct these
    Home 500 ......................... + as per subscriber existing plan.
    Home 500c .......................... + 175 free calls(as per one india)
    Home 500c+ ........................... + 50 free calls(as per one india)
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  15. puchu

    puchu Member

    I know I was wrong about the no of calls,I always do that mistake,sorry.:eek:
  16. infoinn

    infoinn New Member

  17. shriniketsarkar

    shriniketsarkar New Member

    But i would still suggest that opt for the first plan which allows u to have the previledge of changing the calling plan any time u like and the BB plan seperated from it.
    So that both the plans dont get mixed up.
    Rest is up to u.
  18. puchu

    puchu Member

    Definitely,go for home 500.
  19. mugesh

    mugesh Guest

    home 500c+

    pls tell me about the upload definition.
  20. Unregistered

    Unregistered Guest

    s ni8 free 4 all??????

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