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  1. Today is the 3rd day my Plan is not changed.So, I think that I should create a BSNL Haters Group.If you want hate BSNL.Post Below and Why you Hate it.

  2. zerotolerance.big

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    I am facing two problems right now. First is that I have BB 1350 plan which have 20 GB limit for 4Mbps speed and after 20 GB it gives 64 KBps. I have spent only 10 GB in this month and BSNL reduced my speed from 4 to 1/2 Mbps. second, to check my usage details for this month I registered at as I live in Punjab and after registration website told me that my credentials will be sent to my Email but it has been three days, I have not received any mail from BSNL.

    I have read at many places that wire joints should be rust free and insulated for better connectivity and to reduce loss of signal but in my locality the main junction (where main thick wire is coming from BSNL exchange) is open and receive all the heat and rain. they are not properly insulated too. BSNL people do not care about such things as they only make sure that you working connection and it is the end of service from their side.

  3. sarveshmotihari

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    ^^ Exactly the same experience will be of every BSNL user.. :mad:
  4. samit

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    for every problem you contact GM of your area he will scold SDE and other junior...if you do this regularly then BSNL people will thought you a V.I.P. user as very less people have GM personal mobile fathers school friend works in BSNL and he helped me in providing me a unique number and he gave me GM personal number...i just send a SMS there foe every problem and from 1-2 months my connection is like butter....
  5. zerotolerance.big

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    Now I have received an Email from BSNL and they gave me username and password to login on portal but when I use these username and password portal site says " Password has expired". hahahaha:mad:

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