Bsnl Exchange JTO Crap Read it.

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    Ok So i am here talking about that jto and sde .

    i have bsnl broadband 1350 which offers 20 gb up to 4mbps and 512 kbps after 20 gb.

    but i am getting only 2 mbps so i have complained about it on some online bsnl comaplaning website which someone gave me on this forum so after complaning i got a call from jto .

    Jto : bhaji kya problem h ?
    Me : I am getting only 2mbps but my plan offers me 4mbps.
    Jto : bsnl me 4mbps ka koi bhi plan ni h.
    Me : app bsnl ki website pe jake check karlo sir.
    Jto : no hamare pas iski koi details ni h 2mbps max speed h.
    Me : muje sde ke number dena.
    Jto : Sde ? ye kya hota h ?
    Me : kuch ni me wapas complain karta hu bye.
    Jto : aapki problem kya h .
    Me : muje 4mbps chiye .
    Jto : Max 2mbps h.
    ME : Hanged Up Call.

    again i complained .

    Again got call from Jto.

    Jto : Aap Faltu complain karke hum logo ko kyo preshaan kar rahe ho ?
    Me : Faltu ni 4mbps speed ni mil rahi h.
    Jto : aapke ghar aake check karte h.
    Me : ok.

    After few hour there whole team of exchange came to my home.

    it was funny how they came up with big team.

    ok so i shown them internet speed.

    it was showing 2mbps.

    Now Jto:

    Jto : aapki download speed 220 KB caps me h aapki speed 4mbps he to h.
    Me : What ? ye to muje 2 saal se mil rahi h its 2mbps.
    Jto : ni ye to best speed h pure town me mene isse ahchi download speed kahi dehkhi ni ab aapko or kya chiye bhai saab.
    Me : 4mbps.
    Jto : Now he chaged again . we dont have any 4mbps plan .
    Me : Please remove the cap of speed .
    JTo : What cap ?
    Me : Speed Cap Sir.
    Jto : humko ni aata aap exchange aake karlo agar aapko aata h to.
    Me : Thanks ab aap jaoo .

    Now i dont want to complain anymore.

    i dont know how they become jto .

    Stupid Jto Story Ends.

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    Keep complaining. Right upto CMD BSNL. Or disconnect services.
  3. ramitzar

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    You should complain to the Area broadband cell.Most Broadband ports are capped to 2Mbps speed by default (am 90% sure the issue is due to this only).They will just upgrade it to 4Mbps.
    No need to complain to such technically illiterate fellas !!
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