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Discussion in 'BSNL broadband' started by kirankumargb, Feb 26, 2009.

  1. kirankumargb

    kirankumargb Guest

    Hi friends...!

    This is an important message to all BSNL Broadband users.....

    Please check your e-mail account provided by BSNL and change your passwords of the account....

    As hackers who used to hack the username & use it cant do it anymore, they are still stealing the username & login to the e-mail account and get the portal ID and are changing the passwords of the broadband.... as they cant get any benefit of it they are now troubling the users.........

    if the portal id is not in mail they can send a mail to the BSNL customer care and ask for the portal ID it again will be sent back to the same mail ID and the same story continues.......

    Please check your mail accounts and change the passwords even if you dont use the mail account its a matter of safety.......!

    you can login to the mail account by using your username of broadband itself and "password" is ..... i guess everybody knows the "password" of BSNL
    you can log in at Login
  2. robert_0007

    robert_0007 Member

    Thank you friend! A very good information.
  3. sharadkumar

    sharadkumar New Member

    I can't login

    I can't login, it says username password don't match.
    Couldn't find any link to reset password. What to do?
  4. kirankumargb

    kirankumargb Guest

    just to confirm .... user id is your username of broadband and password is "password"

    even if you have changed the password of your bb account still while loging in the mail use "password" itself then try.....
  5. sharadkumar

    sharadkumar New Member

    yup, i know that. and I don't remember changing password of my mail id. coz I never thought I could use those measly 5MB allocated by bsnl!
  6. kirankumargb

    kirankumargb Guest

    ok ......! i dont think you have to worry now about the password.... as you only dont remember the pasword how can others guess it...... :p

    if only a hacker himself has changed it then its worry.......!

    anyway will try to search the password reset link ...
  7. shirish_kal

    shirish_kal New Member

    NIce info man i will have to check my password to dont remember having changed it or not still thnx for reminding
  8. sanjdar

    sanjdar Member

    thanks dear... this is really very good information.... I know nobody uses bsnl mail account but we need to be very careful ... thanks again...
  9. superprash2003

    superprash2003 New Member

    very interesting stuff.. is the username and password used to connect to the internet available in the new portal?? im not a new bsnl user..
  10. just4kix

    just4kix Guardian Angel Staff Member

    There are two passwords for BSNL - connection password and portal password. Initially there are the same, i.e., the word password.

    What you should do is as follows (in the order specified):
    1. Login to the portal and change the portal password
    2. Change the connection password
    3. If your connection method is PPPoE, login to the modem/router and change the PPPoE password to the one you changed in step 2.
    The BSNL mail password is the same as Portal password.
  11. thanks for the info.
    but the local area engineer(AE) of bsnl has strictly asked the users not to change any of the passwords as they may cause problems like failed log attempts.
    i recently shifted my house and in the new area also the chief engineer of BSNL asked me not to change any password as it causes more problems. he also confirmed that since it is port binded there is no need to change password. but as the previous posters suggest the e-mail and portal id's password could be hacked and changed but its of no use to them anyway and they can't use your account if it is portbinded (which is the case in most urban areas). if it is changed( hacked ) u need to take it to your bsnl office and they will reset the modem and give u (they might also change password and give u the new one). once this happened to me. i changed the password in portal id page and didn't get net connection. so i took the modem to office and they reset it and asked me not to mess it up again. then after some research in this website i found that since i was in pppoe mode i also need to change password in which was the cause of the problem . so if u r sure of what u r doing u can change the passwords.
    but even if u get a single problem the first question that the bsnl guys ask is whether u changed the password. the problem might totally be unrelated to change of password but they will stick to it and will blame u. surely they will take a week or two to repair it( costomer care is not that good and they have less knowledge than us). and will lead u to frustration. and always be prepared for the worst. this piece of advice is to all bsnl users(whether u change password or not but u will certainly experience it). i get about 3-5 problems in one year and many other worst cases get problems every week. this might be off topic but i really feel better now after sharing some of my cold experiences with bsnl. and finally thanks for listening to my ranting which u might consider as a piece of advice.:D:D
  12. kirankumargb

    kirankumargb Guest

    as i already told you ... its no use for them but they are doing this just to trouble the genuine users that all ....
  13. perry261

    perry261 New Member

    bsnl email

    thanks for the tip
  14. sanjdar

    sanjdar Member

    if BSNL suggest not to change any password.... then why they given the link of "change password" on their portal?

    I changed the mail password..... but I can access portal with old password
    Last edited: Mar 2, 2009
  15. essbebe

    essbebe LEARNER

    I am using Dataone BSNL for past two years!
    Ip 59.xx.xx.xx
    The UserID cannot be changed.
    the original user PW has not been changed.
    as allotted by bsnl.
    For usage check/login/email I use same set.

    For users with IP 117.xx.xx.xx
    Usage portal Id cannot be changed.
    Default pw is password.
    When you check usage in one portal you have to give
    your Bill no or consumer number also .

    Para two : Not everyone is familiar with settings,
    and trying to change, results in loss
    of internet connection.
    Unless you are having fear that someone or somebody
    will access/ or accessed ,
    your connection somehow, the need
    arises to change PW.

  16. matrix

    matrix New Member

    I never used the email of my a/c as I am not able to. My portal id and pwd are intimated thru phone and no other detail given. I tried to login to the email a/c with all the assumptions of uer id / pwd combination as told by my friends but nothing worked. Though I don't require the email a/c provided by BSNL, as a precautionary measure I tried just to change the pwd but without any success. Now the only option is, if any suspicious activity is is noticed, I will close the connection and get a new one.
  17. kirankumargb

    kirankumargb Guest

    @ Matrix
    i dont think there is need for closing the connection and taking a new one just ask the bsnl guys (not through customer care) in exchange to tell your e-mail id provided to you..they may help..... the higher rank officer you catch the better your results will be
  18. essbebe

    essbebe LEARNER


    Presume you tried in web mail.
    I am using Outlook Express to receive email for my Dataone Id ,Gmail Id and Airtel ID.
    Advantage, you can receive emails
    Can send only for the particular Isp's ID.
    You can draft your reply and edit it later,
    and send when you feel like.
    Sometimes we send an angry reply
    to someone, immediately,and later regret it.
    ( same thing happens in forum/s too !)
  19. sanjdar

    sanjdar Member

    i am not understanding what are you trying to say..... I never said I changed User ID...
    what just4kix said... BSNL mail and portal passwords are same..... but i changed the mail password and still i am able to access usage portal with old password (password)...
    it means both passwords are different....

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