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  1. Problem Error-678
    Description This is most common problems. It is due to poor connectivity. Problem can be anywhere between B.RAS - Tier 2 - DSLAM - Modem - PC of the customer.
    Remedy Switch off / Switch on Modem (Power Switch at the back of modem ) and wait for 2 minutes. Then retry.

    If problem is not solved then Reset Modem [Back pin (in the hole) to be pressed in switched ON condition]
    [Note : Link PC in black type Modem or WAN / LAN in white type Modem will go Off and then ON and system may be stable. Then retry.
    If problem is still not solved then
    a)Check link lamp in Black type Modem or WAN lamp in White Modem. If it is blinking, then it is line problem.
    b)Check Modem to splitter connectivity.
    i) Jack in & Jack out the cable of / to the modem and to the splitter
    ii)Jack in & Jack out the telephone connection of the splitter.
    If lamp is still blinking - then it is due to poor line condition / fault.
    The case has to be referred to Area Broadband Team for attending the fault.

    Problem Error-691
    Description User id and Password problem.
    Remedy The case is to be referred to Central Broadband Team (08.00 AM to 08.00 PM). Central Broadband Team will reset the password and intimate that password has been reset.

    Problem Error-769
    Description LAN not enabled.

    The LAN Card has to be enabled by following the steps given below.
    i)Go to Desktop.
    ii)Click "My Network Place".
    iii)Select Properties.
    iv)Click "Enable the local network".

    Problem Error- 797
    Description Modem or LAN driver problem
    Remedy Reset the Modem (in on condition ) by pressing button available in the backside hole of the modem and wait for 2 mintues and then log on. If the problem is not solved then call your vendor to check computer LAN Card driver.

    Problem Error-718
    Description i)Peak Hour - This problem occurs if loading is high on the system and number of customers exceed the call handling capacity of B.RAS.
    ii)Slack Hour -This problem occurs if PPPoE is corrupted.
    Remedy i)Peak Hour - Please try after some time.
    ii)Slack Hour - Please load PPPoE again.

    Problem Error - 630-633
    Description Computer LAN Card problem.
    Remedy LAN Card has to be changed.

    Problem OSP Internet is working, Data One is not working
    Description Cable Internet is working. Tata / Reliance is working but Data One is not working. Data One is working through LAN Card. Problem can be seen by observing PC lamp (in black modem) LAN lamp ( in white modem) which might not be glowing or may be blinking.
    Remedy LAN Card has to be changed.

    Problem Site not opening from Data One
    Description From VSNL sites are opening, Dial-Up sites are opening but from Data One sites are not opening. Probable reasons
    i)Internet explorer is not supporting the Pope (may be pirated OS).
    ii)Virus corrupting Internet explorer.
    Remedy The customer is requested to set it right.

    Problem BSNL BB DNS server may be having problem.
    Description DNS is not responding.
    Remedy Ping- or and check up whether DNS is responding.

    Broadband Utilities
    To see usage details Log in to Broadband, Go to or
    Click on Service Record. Details of the current month usage and previous month will be shown.

    To change password Log in to Broadband, Go to or
    Click on 'change password', give 'Old password', 'New password' and confirm. Password will be changed.

    Trouble shooting of Broadband Modems

    White Modem
    After switch ON wait for 2 to 3 minutes to get the modem stable.
    If telephone line / dial tone problem, contact '198'.
    If Broadband / Internet not working, contact '1600-424-1600'.

    Lamp features
    i)Power - ON - Red
    ii)WAN -Yellow
    when stable OK
    when blinking Data transfer
    when not stable Line is faulty
    iii) LAN - Green
    when stable OK
    when blinking fast Data transfer
    when blinking slow Modem to PC link problem
    iv)PPPoE - No use.
    Reset pin is at backside Hole - to be reset whenever required in ON condition of the modem.

    Black Modem
    After switch ON wait for 1to 2 minutes to get the modem stable.
    If telephone line / dial tone problem, contact '198'.
    If Broadband / Internet not working, contact '1600-424-1600'.

    Lamp features
    i)Power - ON - Red
    ii)WAN -Yellow
    when stable line is OK
    when blinking slow, line trouble.
    iii)PC - Green when stable OK
    PC - Off- PC not connected
    iv)Data - Green - Flashing - Data transfer
    Reset pin is at backside Hole - to be reset whenever required in ON condition of the modem.
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    Admin Administrator Staff Member

    Thanks for such a useful post, Hope visitors here will get some help out of it.
  3. multicaly

    multicaly Guest

    I am using a huawei WA1003A router which i got with my BSNL connection. I have setup the wireless and am able to surf the net but any time i start downloading files the router freezes ( all the lights go off except the power ) and i have to restart it .... The connection speeds are good and LAN works fine ...... is there any thing that can be done ?
    thanks ...

  4. Problem solution for Error-691 & Error-678

    if you want to solve problme (error 691 and 678)

    you must programme your username, password in modem

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  5. sandipthakor

    sandipthakor New Member

    Thanks from Renovau Team

    We read your guidelines regarding Broadband.
    Can u send the configuration of the wi fi modem used in the BSNL
    Thanks in advance.
  6. Admin

    Admin Administrator Staff Member

    Hi sandipthakor, Your question is not very clear to me.. could you please rephrase it :)
  7. buggy

    buggy New Member


    I am facing this problem from last two days when I am trying to connect Internet it's showing the above Error so I called up BSNL guys whether the srever is down or not because Error is showing that remote computer couldn't respond but BSNL people told me that there are no such problem in their server. I have tried all the ways mentioned to sort out the problem but I doesn't.

    All the lights are stable in my Modem- Red, Green & Yellow.

    What is the remedy?

    Please help. Thanks in advance.
  8. whitestar_999

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    error 678 sometimes happens.try at night time.if still no success check that no phone is connected before splitter or better connect only modem to line with splitter first & then without splitter to check.
  9. puran79_kpm

    puran79_kpm New Member

    Last time i was having the same problum 678 .
    Fir my connection it was a fault in port given to my number in the excahnge they changed that one and now it works very well.........

    now i have another problum my connection disconnect after some time and need to re dial please help me my email id is
  10. superprash2003

    superprash2003 New Member

    ensure that all your telephones are connected after splitter.. go to and go to status.. and post your SNR
  11. rajideas

    rajideas Guest

    break my connection

    I am trying to connect broadband internet connection.but some time internet connection is breaking. give me solutions.
  12. naresh332

    naresh332 New Member

    Modem works only at inverter

    Hi all

    I am facing a strage problem. My broadband does not work when it is on main line but it works fine on inverter. I have changed my adapter even there is no fluctuation in mail line. i have tried with stabliser but nothing is helping.

    Is there any other alternative for this or anyone who has faced same problem

    Naresh Kumar
  13. cool_techie_tvm

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    Please take the modem to the exchange and get it checked by BSNL techies.
  14. panchabhut

    panchabhut Active Member

    @ Naresh Kumar

    Try connecting the modem through UPS (if u have one)
  15. essbebe

    essbebe LEARNER

    @Naresh332 and @rajides ( very old post )
    Give details of the modem/make /model.
    Adapter used. BSNL supplied unit ?
    Whether output is DC or AC Voltage ? 9v 12 V

    Confirm :
    (a)ACPower==220V ac >>.adapter 1 & 2 6/9/12V DC or AC==>modem Not working
    (b)Inverter==220V ac=>> adapter= 1 & 2 =>.modem == working
    (c)ACPower=Stabiliser 220V== adapter- 1 &2 -modem==NOT working.
    (d)Inverter battery 12 V ===>>>modem 1 &2 == working ?
  16. cool_techie_tvm

    cool_techie_tvm Amor vincit omnia

    Doesnt the UPS have inbuilt voltage stabilizer? Yes, most of them do. :)
  17. demitry28

    demitry28 New Member

    During power cuts!!!

    When electricity goes, on my UPS inverter the internet signal starts blinking soon after power goes off. After this the DSL signal goes and again starts blinking for two times and gets stablize. Again the same cycle, without dialing (dataone username/password dialup) internet signal blinks. Same cycles goes on until main power is on.

    Can any one help me out to stablize my net during power cut? I have checked with two to three inverters, same problem with all of them. Sometimes i have to work from home and there is at least 8 hours a day powercut at my place.

    Please someone help me soon...
  18. cool_techie_tvm

    cool_techie_tvm Amor vincit omnia

  19. essbebe

    essbebe LEARNER

    You guys don't read previous posts , and give very little information for problem solving.

    See my post No 15.
    reply as applicable to you.

    Give full details of your set up.
    Modem router Make/model, Adapter ( output AC / DC rating) )used ,
    Inverter's ( model Make VA (power rating).
    Addl electrical items connected to Inverter.

    Will your computer/desktop or laptop work
    for 8 hours continuously from Inverter ? ( with/without modem/internet connection ?)
  20. I got the solution

    Your Post 15 is true but there isn't any solution. The solution is to contact "Central Broadband Team" as stated by some of the sites. When I had such a problem I solved it by calling 1500 toll free number.

    Any how you are right its just because of a Network upgrade. You can have your new Username and password from 1500.

    Enjoy BSNL customer care..........

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