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Discussion in 'BSNL broadband' started by Parminder, Aug 22, 2006.

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    Below are the bsnl customer care service numbers :

    Dataone Broadband '1600-424-1600'

    PSTN Call Center '1500' (in select states)

    Sancharnet Help Desk '1957'

    CellOne all India Help '9400024365'

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    Has anyone got more numbers to add to this list?
  3. sharks_me

    sharks_me New Member

    i hv my city`s no.. in case u r frm da same city
    Jaipur - 2375000
  4. mmm

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    Dataone Broadband helpline number : 1800-424-1600

    ( earlier number 1600-424-1600 may not work now )
  5. ranjithkuzi

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    Very Much !
  6. internet_guy

    internet_guy New Member

    i tried 1600-424-1600 and some creepy voice comes and say this number is not valid like 100 times very fastly

    1800-424-1600 is the correct one
  7. superprash2003

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    yea.. it was changed quite a long time ago..
  8. just4kix

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    For those in Pune, here are some contact numbers (prefix with 020 when calling from cell phones):

    Tech. Dept: 25459000 or 25459004
    NIB (for Port related issues): 26357000 or 26363330 or 26334480

    Shivajinagar (Pune) Exchange, tech team:
    Mr. Sujit: 9890571250 (Tech)
    Mr. Chakranarayan: 21151469 (Tech)
    Alexander: 25535202
    Linesman Mr. Sable: 21151321

    Bangalore NOC: 080-25808899

    Some of the above numbers may be useful to you.
  9. nothing123

    nothing123 New Member

    Hey any one have numbers for Kottayam, Kerala.? thank you in advance
  10. awkuward

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    Anyone have the helpline number at Rajkot? Thanks and happy new year-2009. :)
  11. raveendra.kj

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    Tell me Mysore Broad band customer care no

    what is the Mysore BSNL broad band customer care no? pls help me
  12. superprash2003

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    try 1500

    or 18004241600
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  13. raj81112

    raj81112 New Member

    hi guys the helpline no 1800-424-1600 does not work when i tried it gives rply its not available and also can anyone have helpline no of maharashtra? plz do rply
  14. madanlmg

    madanlmg New Member

    In Imphal, the BSNL Customer Care number is 1957 and 2450635..
  15. essbebe

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  16. sanjdar

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    for maharashtra, kalyan circle.... 95251 2210210
  17. rahulnraul

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    any general number that can be accessed from a cell phone? because none of the toll free numbers are accessible using a non bsnl cell phone.
    I'm from ahmedabad. If anyone knows the local number of the broadband department, please let me know.
  18. essbebe

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  19. SledgeHammer

    SledgeHammer New Member

    Not working/stopped ?
  20. mrbgupta

    mrbgupta New Member

    ^ It has been changed to 1800-424-1600

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