BSNL Connection with Pronet PN-ADSL 101E/U

Discussion in 'BSNL broadband' started by vishaldsavant, Jul 12, 2007.

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    i purchased Pronet PN-ADSL 101E/U for BSNL Broadband Connection.
    i can connect it from my Laptop via Bridge configuration.
    i want to connect it via WiFi Systems. i have Win 2003 Server, one WiFi Router, one switch. I configured my router with IP range. & my all staff have Automatice Ip Setting in there PC & Laptop. The DHCP is Enable of this router.

    How could i give the BSNL internet connection via Router.
  2. vishal_ce2008

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    Yes you can

    Hey dude you can use pronet router for bsnl connection. You just have to configure your router nothing else.
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  4. amodmahto

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    PN-101 E/U Adsl Modem

    Dear sir

    You have to set pppoe connection in PRONET ADSL Modem . Or You can go for PRONET PN-108 WRT Router .

    You have to set PPPoE connection in place of bridge .

    You can also get PN-108 WRT Wireless router and make Wi-Fi Securily
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